Android is associate open supply and Linux-based software system for mobile devices like smartphones and pill computers. android was developed by the Open phone Alliance, crystal rectifier by Google, and different corporations.

the key elements in android design

  • Linux Kernel
  • Libraries
  • Android Framework
  • Android applications.

Android application design has the subsequent elements.They are as follows −

Services − it’ll perform background functionalities

Intent − it’ll perform the put down association between activities and therefore the knowledge passing mechanism

Resource Externalization − strings and graphics

Notification − lightweight,sound,icon,notification,dialog box,and toast

Content suppliers − it’ll share the info between applications

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Android Layout sorts

There ar variety of Layouts provided by golem that you may use in most the golem applications to produce completely different read, look and feel.

1.Linear Layout

LinearLayout may be a read cluster that aligns all youngsters in an exceedingly single direction, vertically or horizontally.

2.Relative Layout

RelativeLayout may be a read cluster that displays kid views in relative positions.

3.Table Layout

TableLayout may be a read that teams views into rows and columns.

4.Absolute Layout

AbsoluteLayout allows you to specify the precise location of its youngsters.

5.Frame Layout

The FrameLayout may be a placeholder on screen that you just will use to show one read.

6.List View

ListView may be a read cluster that displays an inventory of scrollable things.

7.Grid View

GridView may be a ViewGroup that displays things in an exceedingly two-dimensional, scrollable grid.


It is connected to either the external world of application or internal world of application ,like gap a pdf is associate intent as well as connect with the online browser.etc.

Android – design

Android software may be a stack of code elements that is roughly divided into 5 sections and 4 main layers

Linux kernel

At rock bottom of the layers is UNIX system – UNIX system three.6 with around a hundred and fifteen patches. This provides tier of abstraction between the device hardware and it contains all the essential hardware drivers like camera, keypad, show etc.


On high of UNIX system kernel there’s a group of libraries as well as ASCII text file applications programme engine WebKit, standard library libc, SQLite info that may be a helpful repository for storage and sharing of application knowledge, libraries to play and record audio and video, SSL libraries liable for web security etc.

Android Libraries

This class encompasses those Java-based libraries that ar specific to golem development

Android Runtime

This is the third section of the design and obtainable on the second layer from rock bottom. This section provides a key part referred to as Dalvik Virtual Machine that may be a reasonably Java Virtual Machine specially designed and optimized for golem.

Application Framework

The Application Framework layer provides several higher-level services to applications within the variety of Java categories. Application developers ar allowed to form use of those services in their applications.


You will notice all the golem application at the highest layer. you may write your application to be put in on this layer solely. samples of such applications ar Contacts Books, Browser, Games etc.