Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a zen-free, no-pressure little game. However, there are plenty of little things to know to fully enjoy your new island life.

In today’s environment, going far away and secluding yourself on a desert island seems like a silver bullet. Only, even if you are supervised and never really alone, radically changing your lifestyle can be a bit intimidating if you don’t know what is possible. Fortunately, we are here.

We play every day

Animal Crossing has always had this bias to operate at a real-time pace. When you meet the upgrade conditions for your island, it won’t be completed until the next day. Likewise, the natural resources of your island are renewed only every 24 hours. No need to wait until midnight to start playing again, as the new day doesn’t begin until sunrise.

Therefore, the first things you should do when starting a new session are: collect your mail, mine rocks, dig up new fossils, and take a look at the new Meli and Melo stockpile. After that, live your best life! Like chasing the tarantula or paying off your home loan!

Likewise, go for a walk around the Nook Stop regularly. In addition to checking new stocks of mail order products, this gives you bonus Miles of up to 300 per day.

We are looking for tampons

In addition to the bells, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a new currency: Miles Nook. This is a disguised achievement system that rewards the player each time they cross milestones on their island, such as “catch X fish” or “display X objects in their house”, or complete a special action.

The first Miles are easy to acquire since it is enough to play (everything is new at this time), but as soon as you have repaid your first loan with your first 5,000 miles, you will have access to the Miles Nook + service which will offer simple goals to infinity. The first 5 goals of the day always pay twice as much (5 times every now and then), so don’t hesitate to incorporate them into your daily routine.

Use the right stick to go directly to the last stamp won.

Please feel free to open the Miles Nook app every now and then to see what can be achieved quickly. However, some tasks are secret and reveal themselves (often by accident).

We optimize our inventory

The game starts out slow, but you will quickly find that you are going to be spending your time battling your inventory. With tools you won’t know what to do with them and a new crafting system that requires you to accumulate resources, there is something to bewildered about.

To make your life easier, your first Miles spending should be expanding your inventory, up to two times, to 4000 and then 8000 Miles (available as your island grows). Yes, it is expensive, but it makes life a lot easier, especially when you go on a trip to another island, believe me. Don’t hesitate to invest in the radial menu of tools which still provide a heck of a lot of convenience (although you wonder why pay for it).

Sell anything that is unnecessary as often as possible (from Méli and Mélo) and store your resources (branches, wood, iron nuggets, stones) in your tent / house when you don’t need them immediately. Creating a nearby workshop allows you to recreate your tools quickly without the hassle, but avoid iron-based tools until you have finished building Méli and Mélo’s shop (casually, it lasts a few days ).

When you go on an excursion, go with the bare minimum: your tools and possibly a remedy or two (wasps, it’s suck)

We keep the local economy running

While some buildings arrive on your island naturally as you progress (see Tom Nook for instructions), others are more subtle. After building Méli and Mélo’s Nook Store, regularly purchase products offered to encourage their expansion and enjoy an even larger store (although the process will take a long time).

Likewise, when Layette is visiting to offer her clothes in the Place du Bureau des Residents, regularly buy items so that she can have the idea of ​​settling down permanently. The Fairy Fingers Sisters shop will also allow you to display your professional designs so that the inhabitants of the island can display your creations (and your visiting friends), and have access to the Internet sharing network.

We are going back to market gardening

Fruit trees are super important in Animal Crossing. Fruit is a sure source of income that you can develop by planting fruit in the ground to make new trees. Fruits grow quite quickly and the more trees you have, the more fruit you have. CQFD. Be careful with the trees you cut, however, because their regrowth is very slow.

Only, your island will initially be provided with one type of fruit. On your first excursions, with ACNH Nook Miles tickets, don’t hesitate to bring back any fruit you don’t have in your bag (or ask friends to give you theirs). Once you have a copy of every fruit tree on your island, you will be rewarded with a lot of Miles Nook.

Also, it’s not silly to carry some fruit around all the time. For each fruit eaten, a counter at the top left increases (up to 10). For each charge, you will be able to uproot a tree to carry it in your bag and smash rocks with your iron shovel (without recovering its resources, be careful!). Ideal for reshaping your environment or bringing outdoor trees to your island.

We are polite and we go to visit our neighbors

You tend to forget it, but Animal Crossing isn’t just Tom Nook’s farming, bells and borrowings, it’s also a fun community life simulator.

Your neighbors all have unique personalities and can offer pleasant conversations (sometimes). While sympathizing with the animals of the island is already a normal behavior to have, it is possible to reap benefits.

For example, if you give them gifts and they appreciate it, it is possible that they offer you objects or clothes in return, or even a sum of bells higher than what Méli and Mélo’s store could have offered. .

If you visit a neighbor, he may be hard at work on his workbench, making a real object idea he has had. As the latter is nice, he will gladly share the plan with you.

If the head of one of your neighbors bothers you (like Justine, unbearable), go see Marie at the Residents’ Office and say that you have “neighborhood problems”. The game will make you realize that it’s not fun to kick someone in the behind, but if you have no heart, that’s your problem.

We care about what is going on

While walking on your island, impromptu visitors will often come to visit you, like Sarah, the saleswoman of rugs or Céleste, the sister of Thibou passionate about astronomy. Chat with them and see what they can offer you.

There are also Gulliver and Follet who return regularly to your island. Help them find what they have lost and they will reward you handsomely with new Animal Crossing items.

We strain our ears

Sometimes you bury the wind blowing. It is not the weather that is causing it, but a balloon not far from you. Balloons carry gifts (usually furniture), and you’ll have to shoot them down with your slingshot (that’s its sole function. For true violence, there’s DOOM Eternal).

Position yourself well below the ball and shoot. There is more to collect.

Be careful not to drop the gift into the water or in such a case it will be lost (although you will be compensated for the first time with Miles).

We speculate like the worst capitalist junk (like, Tom Nook)

To play the easy bell without too much effort, you can speculate on the price of the turnip!