Do you need to prepare an homework about the book read? Do you lack ideas and want someone to help you? Well, you will find such help in this article and at online class help craigslist for sure.

Right now, we will talk about a book “Animal Dreams” written by Barbara Kingsolver and the issues you can disclose in Animal Dreams homework.

There are several things we recommend you to do before you start writing Animal Dreams homework:

Read this novel;

Gain patience;

Consider our tips and ideas.

Now, let us focus on the ideas that you can develop in your Animal Dreams homework.

The book was dedicated to…

In your Animal Dreams essay, mention that this novel was dedicated to Ben Linder, a young engineer who was killed by one of the Contras (rebel groups). Find information about these groups, what they were opposing, present interesting facts, and inform your reader about Ben Linder.

Native Americans and Hispanic themes in the novel…

The major character, Codi, wants to find her own “place” in the world. She wants to know where she came from. She finds the answer but only after her sister, Hallie, is killed by the Contras. Dwell upon this issue in your Animal Dreams homework.

Possible recipes for happiness by Kingsolver…

Codi returns to her hometown in order to understand the essence of her life and be happy. Did she achieve this? What made her change her life principles? Answer these questions in your Animal Dreams homework. Use quotations from the text to make the Animal Dreams homework sound more persuasive.

Parents, children and their relationships…

One more reason why Codi comes back home is to look after her sick father. Describe their relations in the Animal Dreams homework. Do they change with time? What cause such changes? Is it a good example to follow?