Human beings have the tendency of linking beauty to goodness. Most of them think that if an individual appears beautiful, then he or she ought to be of good character. However, good virtue should not be judged based on external appearances. On the other hand, people often may come to a conclusion that some individual may possess unacceptable character just because of his/her unattractive appearance. Individuals need to understand that beauty is objective and should be aligned with personal attributes. This is because societal norms may make individuals believe in a perfect picture that shows how a person with preferable attributes looks like. However, from my personal experience, this is not the case.

It all happened when I joined college in my first term still having no friends. There was a boy called Clinton whom I liked, and I decided that he would be my friend. Amazingly, the boy turned out to be my best friend, and I partnered with him since he had a lot of preferable physical attributes. He was innocent, handsome, quiet, and sweet. At first, I was not sure how to engage him since he was a quiet person. I was also afraid that he was not interested in me, but it was wrong.

After a few meetings with Clinton, I realized that he had some weird behaviors. For instance, he would disappear for a while and later show up with a strange scent. Such behavior made me concerned, and I decided to ask some questions. However, the boy was not willing to talk and evaded questions. Out of curiosity, I followed him to establish what he was up to. Later, I got to know that he was part of a gang which smoked pot. I realized that he was not innocent at all; he was totally frenzied. Clinton turned to be completely opposite of what I expected of him. Just as the law provides, I believe that any activity involving pot is antisocial; besides, keeping in mind that I was a friend of a person using drugs, I did not know what to do. The feelings I had towards him seemed useless.

After reflecting on his behavior, I established a connection between his character and drug abuse realizing that the look was deceiving. For example, he could skip and disappear for a while. His habits were becoming worse day by day. I later decided to let him know the consequences of dealing with illegal substances, but he told me that smoking was a hobby, which he leant while young. He later told me that he was ready to change. As a result, I was in total deception.

In conclusion, individuals must learn that often physical appearances are deceptive. Therefore, it is not always right to judge a person based on how he or she looks like. The value of an individual is not in appearance, but inner ventures. Not every person who is decent is perfect outside. Thus, people should be judged by their character. Communicating with a person assists in understanding an individual’s inner attributes. In my case, Clinton’s appearance deceived me. However, only after spending some time with him, I realized that he possessed not just unacceptable features but antisocial ones. Form that incident, I realized that appearance can be deceiving; as a result, I take time to understand colleagues before letting them becoming my lose friends. By doing so, I avoid disappointments.

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