In India, we have two types of power output i.e. 230V for single phase and 415 V for three phase. In a three phase connection, it is divided into 3 lines each of 230 V. All electrical appliances in India run between the range of 220-240 V. Any voltage deviation higher than this range or lower needs to be corrected if the appliance cannot handle that voltage. This is a huge problem that the nation faces almost on a regular basis. The average voltage at many places in India could be 150-160 V most likely. Non-uniformity in voltage signals causes changes in voltage waveforms and abysmal AC signal. Heavy load utilization like welding machinery systems can cause this problem. So industrial places do have frequent voltage fluctuations. One symptom of this problem is flickering of incandescent lamps. However, we can maintain voltage fluctuation by removing the high load and installing a stabilizer or a UPS to protect the sensitive equipment. In light of this random problem, regulating uniform power supply becomes more important.

Nowadays we have the Servo technology at the doorstep. Servo stabilizer plays an important part in heavy industrial workplaces and protects immediate load variations to critical mechanical components. As both commercial and residential areas are donned by voltage fluctuations, a Servo stabilizer is definitely a better choice than conventional stabilizers. Simply stating, its internal structure is awesome! The inbuilt Buck\Boost transformer corrects voltage fluctuations instantly controlled by the Servo motor. An error amplifier amplifies the difference between a reference signal and the input signal and the carbon brush adjusts voltage supply.

Indian summers are hotter than any others and so the AC load adds to the present problems during peak hours. In addition, running other loads like a water motor, electric iron, OTG puts extra burden on power consumption. Frequent load trip and high voltage fluctuation is the cause we see Servo stabilizer a must for every household and business as only Servo can give the least voltage variation of +/-1% that other types compromise in. Overload, short circuit and low voltage are all managed well by a Servo stabilizer. Since having so many qualities, no doubt the demand for Servo has risen to the level that most manufacturers of power control units are into Servo stabilizer production. Delhi and NCR has seen high number of Servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers in India because of being the National Capital and having easy availability of all crucial materials from the open market. Secondly, there is great technical manpower at disposal to work parallel to the production line and provide research analysis and assistance.

We have two prototypes of Servo models in the market. The one is a Servo oil cooled stabilizer and the other is a Servo air cooled stabilizer. Although they both stabilize current but are quite different in structure and look. While the Servo air cooled is ventilated by a fan inside its cabin to keep it from heat, the oil cooled is has an oil chamber to make the temperature desirably low. Big loads over 30 kVA are expected to be borne by the oil cooled stabilizer. Apparently, the air cooled is much lighter and accounts for 30% weightless than its counterpart. Still, the home care remains in our hands. An extra caution to use good wiring in the house that can bear load, proper cut off MCBs, and maintenance of power hungry devices like AC maintenance can reduce short circuit risk and you will have a healthy trouble free sleep.



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