There is no denying that computer systems have become an indispensable part of our life. Their use has been extended to almost every field and they have become central to almost everything we do. Most people believe that technological advancement must not be decelerated in any way; however, it has become critically important for all of us to consider the ever-increasing huge gigantic pile of computer waste being generated in the name of the digital revolution.

Every year millions of computers reached their end life but only a small fraction of them is sent for recycling. So, what happens to the remaining computers? The majority of them end up in landfills where their toxic components such as mercury and lead gradually leach into the surrounding environment and groundwater. So, in the light of this, here, we have decided to discuss which way is wrong for computer disposal and which one is right. 

Inappropriate Ways of Computer Disposal

Since there is an immense scarcity of people who are aware of hazardous toxins present in computers, most of the computers are thrown out with the household rubbish, which eventually ends up in the landfill. This is an entirely wrong way to dispose of computers.

Many people think that they are doing it the right way by selling or giving their used but still working computers to companies that export them to the developing countries for future use. This means they are just transporting them the electronic waste issue to communities which don’t have means for IT recycling or cannot afford the ways or have lack of awareness of the harmful effects of electronic waste. 

Unfortunately, this results in exposure of toxins to many men, women, and children. So, exporting old computers is also an inappropriate way to get rid of old computers.

Appropriate Way of Computer Disposal

Over the last ten years, IT waste recycling facilities have become so advanced that they can now recycle about 95-98% of computer waste by weight. Recycling of computer waste not only prevents the entry of toxic components of e-waste in delicate environment and groundwater through landfill and export but also slow down the use and mining of primary raw materials for making new components. Thus, IT recycling is the only right as well as a sustainable way for computer disposal.

Thus, be a responsible individual/group/firm when it comes to disposing of the old computers which will be no longer used by you. Find a reputed IT waste recycling company which follows ethical ways and meets the guidelines provided by the government for computer disposal and send your computer waste for recycling instead of throwing away as garbage or selling them for exporting.