Dubai, the crown jewel of UAE is the most popular international travel destination. Apart from the finest architectural marvels, being shopper’s paradise and the pristine white sand beaches, the city has much to offer. The glamorous and richest city in the world is one of the must-visit places on the planet earth.

Geographically located on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates the dynamic city is perfectly suitable for being a maritime hub. Seeing the tremendous potential of the yachting industry in the Middle East region, a renowned company, Royal Yachts was established in 2011. Since its inception, the brand has played a significant role in establishing Dubai as a prime maritime hub. The company offers the most affordable and worthy yacht rental Dubai deals.

Why should one go for yachting in Dubai?

Once in a lifetime experience

Cruising on the shimmering waters of Arabian sea is once in a lifetime experience in itself. Floating on the glittering waters, under the blue sky, relaxing on the upper deck of a luxury yacht is an extraordinary experience.

Explore the city like never before

Yachting along the magnificent man-made marvels like Palm Jumeirah, the World, Palm Island and other noteworthy location of the vibrant city, is a way of exploring the city that has no comparison with anything else. It is like seeing the rarest side of the city with a brand new vision. Cruising along the pristine white sand beaches and enjoying the insightful sights helps one to understand the true wealth of the city.

Enjoy water sports

To quench the thirst of adventure water sports like snorkelling, flyboarding, jet skiing and banana boat riding are the perfect ways. Enjoying them while cruising on glittering Arabian waters is like having a cherry upon the cake. To give immense excitement and thrill experience, yachting services have water sports add-on packages. Adding these packages to your cruise can multiply your joy and fun by hundred times.

Get away from the hectic scheduled life

Long working hours and hectic scheduled life make one’s true inner self disappear. The competitive world, hustle-bustle of city life, loud noises takes away the true peace and blissfulness from oneself. To get away from the hectic scheduled life, yachting on blue waters is a perfect pathway. Relaxing on the upper deck on a yacht and feeling the cool sea-breeze passing by the side, can take away all the stress and worries from one’s mind.

Explore the underwater world

Luxury yacht charters to Sir Bani Yas Island provides an opportunity to swim with the dolphins and experience underwater adventures including deep-sea walk, scuba-diving and many more. Seeing the underwater world and being in the tranquillity of the ocean can transform one’s whole perspective towards life. Exploring the underwater world can be a life-changing experience in itself.

Experience the bold embrace of nature

Yacht cruise takes one close to nature. The touch of cool sea-breeze, feeling the tranquillity of the ocean, hearing the musical sound of ocean waves needs a whole new list of words to describe. There exist some things in the world that can’t be explained using the existing phrases of words. Feeling the natural vibrations around oneself is one of them.

Trendy and Classy

Yacht charter Dubai has nowadays become a trendy and classy thing. Being on a luxury yacht and getting oneself clicked with the panoramic view of Dubai’s skyline in the backdrop and putting it on social media accounts, can get one huge comments and likes. Flaunt the lavishness of life and become the talk of the town.

Experience the luxuries of life

The magnificent cosmopolitan city is a perfect destination for the luxurious escapade. Being in the richest city in the world, that too on a superyacht is a true show of luxury and opulence. The VIP heli-transfers, premium catering services onboard, highly hospitable staff and the stylishly designed high performing vessels make one experience the true magnificence of life.

Royal Yacht- the top-notch yachting agency of the gulf provides the worthy and affordable Dubai yacht rental deals.

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