Men must sport beards. It adds to the masculine appeal. Beards can range in style from the luxurious free flowing full beard to the neat, short and highly trimmed ones. You may choose to go for one style because every other guy you know is sporting the same type of beard. Choosing the same style does give you the comfort of conformity but then you may not stand out or be particularly distinguishing in looks, especially if the style simply does not suit your face and personality. This is where getting it done by experienced and expert Barber Fountain Gate based may make all that vital difference.

Do not imitate others – pick beard to suit your face

This is the cardinal rule if you wish to stand out. Choose a beard style that matches the shape of your face and other elements. If you have small and regular nose and features, a full beard will seem overpowering. On the other hand, a long nose, high cheekbones and aggressive chin will do fine with a more luxurious growth. A rounded face benefit by a pointed stiletto beard and a long face looks fuller with a more rounded beard. A square shape may be perfect for a Van Dyke or a soul patch style beard. Your friendly Barber Fountain Gate will be able to recommend a suitable style to suit your face.

Your lifestyle also matters

An artist or rock star may get away with a ponytail and a full, free-flowing beard. If you happen to be an executive then this will simply not do. For one, the more hair there is the more you will need to care for it so that it does not look all unruly and unkempt. Working guys have little time to spare so it makes sense if they grow a beard that is low maintenance but at the cost of conveying a slightly negative impression. Instead, choose to be dapper and get your beard styled at least twice a week at Barber Fountain Gate or decide on a style that you can maintain with a trimmer and clipper at home. A full goatee looks great and can be maintained at home but for the goatee, you need to have an angular face. For those with a bit more style, the Balbo can add a touch of class. The Balbo has three sections comprised of growth of trimmed hair at the sides, the soul patch and the moustache. Unlike full-grown beard-moustache combinations, these three elements are separate but together, they accentuate the jawline.

Care for your beard

You will need to visit Barber Fountain Gate to get that style you want and then you will need to maintain your beard. People have been known to use special oils and brush, trim and clip their beard to present a perfect profile. Wash properly to prevent dead skin and oil making your beard an untidy mess. Keep oiling the beard from time to time. Schedule an appointment with your friendly Barber Fountain Gate to refine the shape or to get another look altogether. Change is so much fun in beard styling.