Each injury is unique, and so do their treatment. When it comes to treating any condition with therapy, there are two categories called Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT).

When we think about physical or occupational therapy, the very first thing that comes into our mind is a rehab centre full of equipment that gives the centre a gym touch. Most of the machines are new to us, and we really don’t understand what will happen next in the session.

But the fact is, you don’t need to visit a rehab centre or any healthcare facility to get the therapy done. The therapy physical or occupational can be done at your home at your convenience. And it gives similar results just like a rehab centre. In this article, we will let you know about some of the benefits of physical and occupational therapy at home.

No need to visit anywhere

This is the most beneficial point about getting your therapy at home that you needn’t visit anywhere to get the treatment. It is obvious that when a person needs therapy, it means they are unable to visit anywhere regularly because of the pain associated with the health condition. But when you get physical therapy at home, there is no need to travel, and you can stay at your place. The therapist will visit you for the sessions, and your work will be done!

Saves your time and money

Physical and occupational therapy at home not only provides you comfort but also saves your time and money that you could spend while travelling to the centre.

Therapy will be done in your familiar environment

Many people feel embarrassed in a clinic or rehab centre as there are numbers of patients and other people present at the time of the session. When physical therapy takes place at your home, you will be the only one who will perform the task. So there is no chance of feeling awkward. You can concentrate on the treatment in your familiar environment. People who suffer from anxiety can be benefited more by exercising in their home environment.

Costs are often less than treatment in hospital

This is another benefit of at-home physical and occupational therapy. When you visit a hospital or rehab centre they charge as per their programs, including the machine you may use for your recovery process. But if you are performing therapy sessions at home, then it will cost you less compared to the hospital charges.

Your therapist will provide the necessary equipment

Not all patients carry therapy equipment at home. So, the therapist will bring all the necessary equipment. All of the equipment is easily portable and helps a lot during the session.

Services that can be offered at-home physical and occupational therapy

There are many services that can be offered at home with physical and occupational therapy. Such as:

• Vestibular therapy

• Safety and fall prevention

• Pre-surgical assessment and post-surgical recovery

• Neurological rehabilitation

Conditions that can be treated at home

Some of the conditions that are treated at home with physical and occupational therapy are:

• Pelvic floor

• Total hip replacement

• Total knee replacement

• Shoulder arthroplasty

• Hip arthroplasty

• Ankle replacement

• Tibial plateau fracture

• Acute lower back


Therapies are the best way to recover from such conditions, and when you get an option to get the treatment at home, then you should take the advantages. When any injury or trauma occurs, it becomes difficult to visit the rehab centre or hospital regularly. In this situation, at-home therapy sessions are the best way to get treated and return back to normal life.