Doors come in many shapes, sizes and materials. You can choose from steel, uPVC, aluminum, fiberglass, and many other ones. The type of material you opt for depends upon a wide array of factors. But this article, we will discuss the many benefits of choosing a wooden door and explain why wood remains to be an undefeated champion over all these years.

Choosing Wooden Doors

1. Internal or External?

Whether it is an internal door or an external, wood is suitable for both. Wooden interior doors impart a classy and style feel to the place whereas wooden exterior doors offer strength and security.

These doors are highly durable. When wood is used in both internal and external doors, it helps to create a feeling of consistency.

2. Solid or Engineered?

Solid wooden doors are the ones that are made from a single piece of wood or several smaller pieces of the same type of wood. Such doors are much more sturdy and help to build a solid construction design.

Engineered wooden doors, on the other hand, include an inner layer and an outer layer. The outer layer of the door is made from high-quality wood furniture that looks appealing and attractive. The inner layer is made from cheaper woods. This type of construction is slightly less expensive. Also, it looks beautiful. Such doors do not warp and are thermally efficient.

Benefits of Using Wooden Doors

One of the greatest benefits of using a wooden door is its aesthetic appeal. Wood is a highly resourceful building material that comes in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns.

They are versatile, which means that they can be tailored in any size, design and wood type that matches the interiors of your home. The best part about wooden doors is that whether you prefer dark wood, light-colored wood, tight grains, loose and wide grains, simple designs or intricate carving, everything is possible.

One of the chief benefits of installing wooden doors is security. These doors are immensely strong and stable. When the wood is properly seasoned, it can be used for creating tough constructions that can last for years altogether. Also, they are one of the few door materials that are comparatively easier to repair. Wood is a malleable material and easy to work with. This means that a wooden door will offer matchless security and durability over its long life.

All of these are prominent benefits that you can enjoy by using wooden doors in your homes. But, there is yet another key advantage. Wood is a fantastic natural insulator. This means that wooden doors are great at keeping the warmth inside and the noise outside. And lastly, if the wood comes from a credible source, then you can consider it environmental-friendly as well.

Thus, choosing a wooden door for your home or any other space is highly advisable. You can enjoy the beauty that it will add to your space at a price that can be altered as per your budget.