The unique appearance of the clear dome tent is impeccable. UVPLASTIC provides five standard transparent bubble tent sets, with diameters of 6 meters, 5 meters, 4 meters, 3 meters, and 2.5 meters respectively. You can install a king-size bed and shower or bathroom in a 6m or 5m glass dome tent. Or you can combine two or three bubble tents into a suite. The transparent spherical tent designed with galvanized steel pipe and Waterproof PVC transparent tarpaulin can print characteristic logo patterns on the tarpaulin, and make different pattern effects, such as the printing of cartoon patterns, or the translucent wave design, so as to create a dome dream stadium suitable for many activities, which is warmly welcomed by children and girls.

The construction of tents is fast and convenient, which can meet the needs of different applicable places. Like the eggshell design, the connection mode makes the spherical tent stable and safe. Small and medium-sized transparent spherical tents do not need the assistance of large-scale equipment, and will not damage the ground. Whether it is cement ground, tile floor, lawn, beach, desert, and other sites, it can be quickly built. Even novice tent builders can easily build a 5-meter-diameter spherical tent in half a day after understanding the structural principle.

The performance of bubble tents is also one of the main reasons for its popularity. It can be waterproof and windproof, and its wind resistance ability can reach 8-10. For rainy days that may be encountered in outdoor activities, the tent is completely unaffected, so that the wonderful activities can continue to work! In addition, it has the ability of anti-ultraviolet and anti-snow load. If you need to create a creative outdoor space, a transparent spherical tent will be your best choice.

The clear tent also has the following benefits:

-360 ° transparent, completely transparent, let you get close to nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery;

-Stable and safe, using polycarbonate, 250 times higher than glass strength;

-Can install voice control curtain system and air conditioner;

-Comfortable, UV coating on the surface can block more than 99.9% of UV light;

-Excellent flame retardant performance;

-Polycarbonate can be used between – 40 ℃ and 120 ℃;

-Longer service life, UV coating helps polycarbonate keep clean for more than 10 years;

-Waterproof and damp proof;

-Modular design, easy to install;

-Provide the custom transparent bubble tent.