Emeralds are mineral compounds that combine aluminum silicate and beryllium.

Its color is light green or dark green. Finding a perfect emerald is very difficult, leading to very high prices for this gem. The emerald has a velvety green color, the most sought after emerald is shiny, smooth and without cracks or stains.Meaning of the word “emerald”

According to Indian mythology, the word emerald was first translated by marakata or the growing green of things from Sanskrit. The name as we know it today comes from an ancient Greek word that was translated into Latin as asparagus and has been falsified over time into “emerald”.

Symbolic meaning of emeralds

The emerald is the sacred stone of the planet Mercury and has long been a symbol of hope.

The emerald would bring the user wisdom. The most effective time for the power of an emerald is spring. Emeralds are lucky for love. If you give your lover an emerald, it can be true to you.

In various cultures, the emerald would be beneficial in producing rain.

Who wears the emerald?

This gem is used by people with different origins. It is used by the middle class for the wealthy of the world. Although it has enormous value in the fashion world, it was also the focus when it came to an astrological medium. Astrologers, especially in India, prescribe people whose birth chart of Mercury has been affected by ominous, weakened, and poorly regarded planets. If you belong to the twins ascendant, the Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant, you can use the lucky stone emerald as an astrological tool. Apart of this,

If you belong to the zodiac sign Gemini and Virgo, you can also use this sacred green stone. However, the scientific study should be carried out with a person who is familiar with the field of Vedic astrology.

Astrological benefits of emeralds:

Emeralds are associated with the planet Mercury, which corresponds to the intellect, language, memory, short trips, wisdom, and intuitive power. A person who has cheap Mercury on their Indian astrological map will find emeralds useful, especially if they are politicians or speakers, or if they work in business or public relations.

Emeralds symbolize love and generosity. An emerald green gift brings good luck, especially for twins and virgins. Emeralds promote health, prosperity, and happiness and reduce the chance of snake bites.

A pregnant woman with an emerald will not endure longer labor.

Emeralds also reduce psychological stress and regulate blood circulation.

Professions that benefit from emeralds:

Using emeralds in combination with other stones improves results in competitions, trade and commerce. Emeralds also stimulate the intellect, memory, analytical and intellectual power.

Emeralds benefit people, writers, politicians, spiritual leaders, musicians, founders of educational institutions, speakers, judges, officials, architects, listeners, senders,

Bankers and financiers. In business, commission officials, publishers, and textile professionals can benefit from the powers of an emerald. These stones can help people who run travel agencies or other commission related companies who don’t need capital to get started.

Health and others benefit from emeralds:

Emerald is very useful for those who are in the medical field, especially for those who specialize.

in the brain, in the eyes, in the ears and in general medicine or in connection with computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and pediatrics.

Emerald alleviates depression and insomnia and promotes awareness of the heart, leading to peaceful dreams. Helps facilitate labor and delivery. The emerald saves a person from trouble, increases the strength of the faculty, gives him peace of mind, relieves anger and increases sight. It keeps the body healthy and the mind happy. It is used to counteract the harmful effects of mercury. Emerald harmonizes and reinforces the positive influence of mercury. Education, language, teaching, learning, communication, trust, writing, drawing, commerce, humor, spirit, discrimination, diplomacy, intelligence and commerce, married life, character. The emerald influences every business, every bill, and every thief-mental conversion.

People in the IT, nuclear and astronomy sectors will also benefit from this stone.

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