Have you ever considered an improvement to motorized window shades? It might be time that you did. Choosing motorization means choosing modern convenience. It actually can make your life easier. Still on the hedge about motorization? Here’s what you need to know about motorized window shades.

Great Home Security

Motorized powered systems with presets are outstanding security features. When you are away from house your system can close the window treatments by twilight for added security. Furthermore, they can open them during the day so the house appears engaged.

Complete Convenience

One of the most obvious benefits of having motorized window treatments is, your house is that you never have to get up from your seat to mess with them. All the motorized window treatments are controlled either via a remote control or your cell phone through an application. That means that if you are lying in bed watching a movie and you forgot to shut your blinds, you do not have to get out of your relaxed spot and shut them. Just grab the remote or beat out your cell phone and they will close to your liking at literally the push of a button.

Easy to Use

Ease of access is key when you are aged or unable to get around at a comfortable pace. The power of motorization is giving control of their house privacy, attractiveness and safety of those who could if not not gain access to their windows easily.

Improved Safety

Motorized window treatments are completely cordless. This means that there are no long, hanging cords or wands hanging around for kids or pets to get tangled in, which greatly increases the safety of your window treatments.

Energy Efficiency

Motorized window treatments improve the energy efficiency of your home because you can easily increase or decrease the heat building up in your house by opening or closing your window treatments throughout the day, as needed. This, in turn, will decrease the stress on your air conditioner and heater, which saves you money! Some automated window treatments are even outfitted with a sunlight sensor to automatically adjust the window treatment for maximum energy efficiency.

Motorized window treatments can modernize your home and make it more valuable. If you’d like to learn more about how motorized shades and blinds can enhance your lifestyle, contact us today.