Bentonite is used on very large scale in commercial industries and has many natural ingredient in its. Sure fluid is very well known bentonite powder suppliers in India as well as in global market. We are the top bentonite providers today on account of our devoted group and their hard work. We never compromise with the quality of bentonite and supply the best to our clients.

Bentonite for personal and commercial use

Sodium bentonite powder is used to make pet litter and natural adhesive having great demand in the market. Sure fluid dedicated and responsive team manufacture the quality sodium bentonite powder which is used for many purpose. Due to great benefit of bentonite, it is more demandable in the market. Bentonite for drilling is also used for drilling mud and fluids to lubricate and cool the cutting tools to remove cuttings and to help prevent blowouts.

The trusted manufacturer of Bentonite

Sure fluid manufacture the various type of bentonite , sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite and also knows the difference in the bentonite. Bentonite clay contains useful minerals like potassium, iron, sodium, calcium, silica and so forth it isn’t just stunner clay yet in addition healing clay. It is utilized for skin bleaching as well. We are the only prestigious bentonite clay manufacturer in India. Among all attapulgite manufacturers in India, we supply the quality and pure attapulgite to the Industries and fulfil their requirement. The barite and bentonite are available for applications of oil and gas drilling, foundry, medical, construction etc. We extract barite bentonite in huge quantity from our mines which consist a mineral with a lot of uses.