A gift for someone on their b’day could be tricky, but gifting your girlfriend on her birthday can be trickier. Want some girlfriend birthday ideas? Want your girlfriend to like it/them. Well if you do not have unique and best gift ideas for girlfriend then you can try some of these below. Here are varieties of gifts from which you can opt gift ideas for your girl. These gifts ought to be special and unique. There are many options available to give which are listed below which makes her flaunt definitely.

Personalized Phone Cover


To give her a unique girlfriend gift a customized phone cover may be a good option. This may be a good option to give to some you love as they will see it every time they use their phone. It also is a special gift. This can be the cute gift for girlfriend and yet budget-friendly too.

Charming Necklace

Another gift item that can win your girlfriend’s heart is a charming necklace. Yes, it looks very pretty especially when it is given by someone you love. It can be a special girlfriend gift to your darling. You can also make this a personalized necklace with a special sign or symbol that you too love or find interesting.

Chocolate Bouquet

This is simply a chocolate bunch; still, it can mean a lot to her. Who doesn’t like chocolates? Giving her a bouquet of chocolates will make her happy for sure. It could be one of the items that you can give her on her special day. Also, these are easy to find if you want to have a good gift in less time. Even if you turn up with this bouquet she will love it as it is not what somebody gets every day in a normal routine.

Personalized Bracelet

If you are looking for something unique, consider buying a personalized gift. While mugs and cushions with images printed on top have become common, an elegant bracelet with her name would be a wonderful surprise. Be it your wife or girlfriend you can get a custom bracelet in a variety of designs.

Digital or Charcoal Portrait 

Capturing a memory in a high-resolution digital portrait makes for a nice gift for a girl, and if the portrait is framed in a stunning wooden frame, the receiver can’t help but be admired by anyone who looks at it. Have a photo that she looks at the time and again? Get it converted into a digital portrait of 13.7-inch x 18.5 inches; the frame is made entirely of wood and doesn’t have glass over it.

Handmade Jewelry

Gemstones are forever in style, but handmade gemstone jewellery is in a class of its own. Handmade precious gemstone earrings or necklaces that feature raw or rough-cut natural stones are a unique gift that will add style to your girlfriend’s wardrobe.

Stackable Rings

A set of stackable rings is a great way to compliment your girlfriend’s look. With a set of stackable rings, she can easily mix and match them with her jewellery to give her endless pairing options. Look for stackable rings in her favourite metallic tone or mix it up with a two-tone set.

Designer Watch

Let’s be real, sometimes it’s the brand that really matters. Treat your girlfriend to a gift that will keep her on-trend and on time with a designer watch. Look for styles that align with her taste, and if she likes to wear a specific designer brand, the odds are that they probably have a watch line.

Makeup Gifts

Well, this is the ultimate and every girl needed a gift that any boyfriend can give Make-up set! Every girl secretly wishes that her boyfriend would someday gift her make-up. This could make you the best boyfriend and win her heart easily. It is not that expensive, a bit I would say it also depends on your pocket.

Beaded Gemstone Bracelet

Beaded bracelets may seem casual, but pair them with gemstones and you’ve got the perfect gift for your girlfriend. Look for beaded bracelets that feature precious or semi-precious gemstones, or take it a step further with upscale pearls to impress her.

Pendant Sets

Another jewellery item is pendant. If you want to give a unique gift to your girl, then you can try this. This can be real pendant or artificial, what matters are your efforts to make her special day memorable and her gifts precisely amazing. This designer pendant could be a party wear or casual, depending on your choice to keep her in mind.

Cute Key Chains

This idea of gifting a key chain may sound very cheap but you can make it special by personalizing it. Gifting small things can also overwhelm your girlfriend’s heart if she is in true love. The couple’s key chain is a good idea to give one to your girlfriend and keep another one for you. It may be considered a trendy gift for a girlfriend. It will just lighten her heart by seeing a keychain with something special engraved.

Feather necklaces

Feathers stand for freedom and spirituality, both of that can be an important concept in a woman’s life. Besides, these pieces of jewellery stand out for their mystical charm that she would surely be going to appreciate. Feathers are also a symbol pursuing one’s ambitions and reaching new heights in life. It can be a wonderfully subtle way to telling her that you’re ready to be the wind beneath wings, all she’s got to do is soar.