A liver transplant is a complex medical procedure. As a candidate for a liver transplant, you will want the best care available to you. Several patients and their families simply opt for hospitals or transplant centers that have a convenient location, but this may not be a smart decision. With more than 30 liver transplant centers throughout India, how can you choose the one best for you?

Tips for choosing liver transplant centers

● Shortlisting

Shortlist centers based on their performance. A liver transplant involves the teamwork of several specialists – surgeons, immunologists, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, nutrition, financial support, and more. Therefore, before making your final decision, check the patient testimonials, and the quality of treatment provided.

● Communication

Communication is the main factor in building trust between the doctor and the patient. Once you have narrowed down your choices for a transplant center, schedule a consultation, and meet the interview team. Ask your doubts and check if you are satisfied with their answers.

● Location

While the geographic location is not the main criteria for choosing your center, do not disregard it altogether. Any transplant surgery will require follow-up consultations. Check the ease with which you and your caregivers can travel to and from the center.

● Insurance benefit

Liver transplantation is an expensive surgery. Speak to the accounts section of the center regarding your insurance plan. Check if their participation benefits you or not. However, do not overlook the expertise and skills of the transplant team at the center solely based on your insurance benefits.

Why you should choose Max Hospital India for your liver transplant

The hospital has branches spread throughout the country. It is the top liver transplant hospital in India.

● The hospital has a team consisting of nearly 200 members, with more than 26 years of experience.

● The center has successfully conducted nearly 2600 liver transplants, with a 95% success rate and a ten-year survival rate of over 80%.

● A liver transplant is usually required for liver failure due to a multitude of diseases, ranging from Hepatitis B to cirrhosis and chronic alcoholism. All the centers have an excellent consultation team that guides patients on the best treatment plan for their diagnosis.

● Being a top liver transplant hospital in India, it ensures the best pre and post-surgery care of patients. Each center has round the clock emergency and pharmacy services, a well-stocked blood bank, and ATM facilities.

● Scheduling a consultation is very simple. Patients can book their appointments online and find a doctor that specializes in their diagnosis. Both hospital and video call consultations are available for the patient’s convenience and safety.

● The hospital’s accounts team is quick and efficient and ensures that patients receive the maximum financial benefits from their health insurance. They have several financial aid programs for patients who may not be able to afford the expensive treatment.

Liver transplantation is a life-saving surgery. The hospital’s medical team ensures that there is no compromise in the quality of treatment their patients receive. Their success stories are a testimony to their expertise and experience. Do not delay your treatment. Schedule your consultation at Max Hospital India today!