Bathroom Design

Since when creating a bathroom interior, the main desire of the client is usually the requirement to create the maximum of space, light, flowing forms, and natural elements in the decoration, a mixture of styles is often chosen for its implementation. A concrete example is the “ceramic-inspired” design style, which combines elements of neo-baroque and art. First of all, the decoration attracts attention in it, which, on the one hand, divides the space of the apartment, on the other hand, it plays the main stylistic role – it sets a pronounced direction. In the center of the room, there is a decorative column that symbolizes the tree of life. It appears to be the starting point of the entire interior, marking the direction of movement in space with a crown that gracefully scatters the branches across the ceiling. In the elements of the staircase, there are domes, shaped like those of the famous digital vitrified tiles. Furniture for the interior is made according to the designer’s sketches, which were also created according to the stylistic concept of the interior. Decor, stucco trim, furniture – everything from masks on the walls to candles on the floor and lamps on the ceiling, like the setting for a residential theater show. The bathrooms are no exception, they are also made “from us”.

Bathroom Tiles Design

The large bathroom is made in white and lilac colors. Its area allowed to place an oval bathtub with hydromassage, a shower cabin, a compact area, and a sink. The oval bowl of the hot tub is tiled according to the pattern and theme, echoing the arch of stained glass on the wall, near which it is located. The ceiling and part of the wall above the arch are topped with incredible moldings, which will decorate any apartment design project. In a small bathroom, a marine theme is established – manifested in the shapes of seashells, light waves in the background. An amazingly shaped washbasin, developed by the designer’s author, is like an open washbasin with a pearl inside. The mosaic that shines from the inside imitates waves, the lighting passes smoothly to the mirror. Also, the luminous basin is made of natural onyx, onyx, and countertop. Plumbing by designer Philip Stark.

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Purple is the new trendy color for interior decoration. Therefore, one of the tabs of the next apartment that we are considering is that each of its rooms is decided in purple tones: the bathroom is in red and purple, the living room is a bit richer, the bedroom is lighter. Another feature is ultra-modern, extravagant, romantic, and extraordinarily functional: the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom are one large study space, zoned with various design techniques. But the most important accent of these combined premises was the stained glass window that swayed from the bathroom to the living room. Thus, you can take a bath, communicate with someone in the study area, and leave the bath not on the bathroom floor, but on the living room floor with a romantic continuation. The casement window has a small podium, which is placed with cushions and can easily be transformed from a normal step into an additional space to sit and rest. 100% relaxation area. At the same time, the living room and bathroom areas are made in colors close to each other and are easily combined according to the style solution, and when the window is open and the bathroom is visible, it does not at all discord with livingroom. The purple stretch ceiling is also a unifying element, which today is not so expensive and does not greatly increase the cost of renovating the apartment. The parquet flooring in the living room is supported by the bathroom in a warm beige wood color, which is used for the bathroom walls: 20×20 tiles that mimic a soft wall.

The large bathroom can accommodate the entire set desired by the owners, a shower cabin, a toilet, a bidet, and a sink. The stained glass window, which opens onto the living room, is supported in color by a stretch ceiling, mosaics, and a mirror panel on the bathroom wall. The living room combines several functions. There is a TV viewing area, there is a podium next to the sofa that can be used as a romantic corner or as an armchair for guests. There is a relaxation area, which is formed from an aquarium, a bamboo grove, an imitation of a winter garden. Philosophical sand and stone paintings enhance the relaxing atmosphere.