More and more people are shopping online. Online shopping is never going to go away for quite some time in future. Studies show that it is in fact increasing phenomenally generating more sales for businesses across different industry domains. If you have been already using some kind of online advertising to reach out your target customers, it is time that you review the outcome of your strategies and updates them to get the best ROI on your marketing investment. Here are the ways in which you can ramp up your PPC campaign in order to boost up sales and profits.

Know what to advertise

There are plenty of options when it comes to PPC ads. The most popular and highly effective ones are Google Merchant Center and Amazon Advertising. Google shopping ads are growing extraordinarily. Also, Amazon is yet another wonderful option especially if you are going to host your products on their merchant site. a report published by the Slice Intelligence has revealed that spending with Amazon made up 43% of all the US online revenue. Amazon itself accounted for over 53% of all the sales generated in the US.

Maintain your shopping feeds up to date

Google Merchant Center makes use of shopping feeds for pulling the required information for your AdWords campaigns. If you already have your Google AdWords and Google Merchant Site accounts linked, it is well and good. If not, then it is the right time that you do so. By connecting these two accounts, you can advertise your products and services as shopping ads in AdWords. Google is going to make use of your shopping feed in the merchant center to advertise your products. Product Listing ads on AdWords will help pull all your product information including the brand, pricing and availability from the shopping feed directly. Also, a small slip of leaving out the required information or failing to update the information will send you a data suspension warning.

Set up the right ecommerce tracking

This is a very crucial step that most companies overlook often. For tracking the revenue generated by your PPC ecommerce campaigns, it is necessary to install Analytics ecommerce tracking. Once you set up the shopping feeds with the right item prices, Analysis ecommerce tracking will ensure that you gain the necessary visibility for the specific items you sell, the revenue you are generating from every sale, and from where the sales are coming from. This will also help optimize your PPC ecommerce campaigns.

Optimize the shopping ads

There are several ways to optimize your shopping ads. Know that both test ads and product listing ads can prove useful while selling products. Text ads can help highlight the specific features and prices in the headline description. On the other hand, PLAs can help you effectively compete with the fast growing online shopping industry. Once you have both of them in place, you can reap the advantages of both these worlds. Hence diversifying the type of ads you post is a key to get the best from your PPC ads campaign. Hire the best Ppc Management Company to support your advertising campaigns.

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