Apart from the channels displaying in its channel store, that may be either paid or free channel. Roku also offers some additional channels that are not displayed in the channel store. These channels are known as Private channels. Moreover, these channels are also known as Hidden channels or non-certified channels. You can add a private channel by going to, Manage accounts.  Add channel with a Code, and then key the activation code that is specific for a hidden channel and follow the screen prompts and the hidden channel you chose will be added to your Roku in 24 hours.

Reasons why private channels aren’t available on the Roku channel store

A private channel may not be listed in a Roku channel store because of any one or all of the reasons,

  • The private channel’s content may be adult-oriented
  • The channel is still in Beta
  • The channel may require a membership
  • The content may be aimed at a specific audience

Best Roku Private Channels

Quite a few numbers of private channels are available in Roku but the following are a list of the Best Roku private channels.

Nowhere TV

The oldest private channel of Roku serves a hub to great video/audio podcasts and also broadcasts something on every genre.

iTunes Podcasts

This too is a popular private channel of Roku. This channel allows you to browse through various audio and video podcasts


One of the popular hidden channels, Roku Movies has nearly 140 titles for its viewers. There are different genres of movies available such as comedy, romance, action, thriller, horror, and animation

SpaceTime Free

A valuable channel educating about the secrets of astronomy, SpaceTime free broadcasts mainly contents NASA. It is a boon for the people interested in the sky and its secrets.

The Silent Movie Channel

The Silent Movie Channels provides you the opportunity to enjoy the silent movie classics of the bygone era.

Wilderness Channel

Want to view lots of wilderness content? Then Wilderness channel is the place for you. Contents on fishing, hunting, trekking, nature, etc are streamed predominantly.

Bloomberg TV+

Want to know finance on your fingertips? Then don’t wait, go and add the private channel, Bloomberg TV+. Get to know all vital things on Finance

The Internet Archive

This private channel has a big collection of Hollywood classics, cartoon features, and TV series

Ace TV

Mainly focuses on B-Movies. Lots of genres are also available in the B-movies of this channel

Great Chefs

Originally a series telecasted in PBS, this was discontinued after 700 episodes but is now available as a Roku hidden channel.

The above was an incomplete list of the Best Roku private channels, to know more please dial +1-888-213-9080