The following are some tips for your new first week while others are meant for longer-term guidance and survival.

Show up

Attend every class sessions unless you have a contagious illness. Don’t sit back because a professor can predict a student’s grade based on where they sit.

Introduce yourself

Find an excuse to go to the teacher’s cubical, not just one but two or three a time. You want them to remember your name throughout the semester.


Come in class with preparation to ask a perspective question or make any useful comment. Turn off your mobile phone and don’t text during class in order to respect professor.


Join something in your first week such as clubs, events, service trips, religious groups, etc. Try out every activity that seems interesting until you find your position.

Learn a language

Once you leave the college, language course will be hard and expensive. So take advantage of daily classes and try to learn a language that includes in the price of tuition.

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