The wrap-up tops are the most attractive and fun style this season. They have an impact on the crowd and help you stand out in the crowd. This type of top is suitable for all body types. It doesn’t only look good on women with the perfect figure but also plus-size women. These tops are so versatile that you can find one for every occasion and body type.

Wrap top was first designed in the early 1970s. It was a simple top with a three-panel design that included the inner panel, outer panel, and a belt or a snap to fasten the two. Wrap tops are enhancing and concealing at the same time, making it suitable for all body types. Even though years have passed after this top’s unveiling, it is still an on-demand high street fashion.

How to style them?

These look fantastic on any body type and any age. It requires the right skills to pair up your wrap tops to give the most elegant look.

Here a few techniques to style your wrap top according to your body type to make the most of your beautiful assets.

When choosing these tops for your body type, it’s essential to pay attention to your curves and accentuate them.

Apple Shaped Body

Those with apple-shaped bodies generally tend to have a more massive upper body and have broader shoulders and a more prominent bust line. This type is essential to create a visual balance between the narrow upper half and the lower half. Choose tops with boat necks or plunging necklines to draw more attention to your upper body. Instead of long sleeves, opt for three-quarters, which are both flattering and comfortable.

Hourglass-shaped body

This body type is most balanced and has the perfect proportions of the upper and lower body. Wrap tops help emphasize the curves without restricting them. The main goal is to highlight the curves and not hide them. Embrace them with body-hugging or form-fitting silhouettes and hit the right angles at the right places. Keep a simple design with solid colours.

Pear-shaped body

This body type is the opposite of an apple-shaped figure. The goal of wearing a wrap top is to elongate and balance your figure by accentuating the body’s top half. Wearing bright and beautiful scoop-neck and boat-neck tops can make the shoulder look wide and help draw some attention to the upper body. Long sleeves create a balanced illusion of volume, so look for patterned sleeves and embellished necklines and shoulders.

Rectangular shaped body

Since this body type doesn’t have a well-defined waistline, the body tends to look straight. They have an athletic look with balanced bust and hips. The main motto while choosing this top is to create an impression of a waistline. Choose V-necks or scoop necks to create a flattering look. Horizontal stripes also help in creating an illusion of width and curves throughout the body. One can try to put ruffles, bows, or embellishment details.

How to style your wrap tops according to your height?

A person may be tall or short. So along with the weight and body type, it’s essential to get a closer look at the height for choosing the perfect top.


Suppose you have a tall figure, try tops with different colour combinations. Break things up to reduce the altitude. For length, show off those long and slender legs by pairing it up with a long slitted skirt or skinny jeans.


Choose flowy and light fabrics for this body type that add density to the slight build. Fabrics types best suited for short girls are soft fabrics with light colours. Make sure to choose medium weight fabrics with small pattern designs. Prints may look good on this body type, but it’s best to keep them concise.