Holistic Dental Donvale clinic is located in Donvale, Victoria and offers holistic dental care for better gum health in addition to various treatments such as cosmetic treatments, surgery, and prosthetics.

If and when people do check their teeth the focus is on teeth while gums are largely ignored. Doing so can have disastrous long term consequences. Gums serve the vital function of protecting your teeth and if you neglect them you will be exposed to the risk of periodontitis as well as tooth loss. Take good care of your gums and get them checked at the Holistic Dental Donvale clinic if you wish to protect your teeth.

Periodontal disease is a threat

Neglect your teeth and plaque builds up. This causes gums to recede and as more plaque builds up the gums cannot grow back. What happens now is that bacterial infection due to plaque can cause gingivitis, the primary stage of gum disease. Your gums become inflamed and may bleed when you brush them. You assume there is nothing serious and continue to ignore this condition. Receding gums and loose gums can create pockets in which food particles lodge and promote bacterial growth that, in turn, can cause periodontal disease. This is controllable but not curable and it is a threat since infection from here can spread to the heart and cause cardiovascular disease. Infection can penetrate to the root of the tooth and affect the bone. Your tooth is likely to fall out or has to be extracted. You should, however, not let matters progress to this stage. It does not take much time and effort to visit a holistic dental Donvale clinic once in two months to check the status of your gums.

What if you have gingivitis?

If you notice bleeding or swelling in the gums you probably have gingivitis that can be eliminated with suitable treatment at holistic dental Donvale clinic. Your dentist will clean your teeth and inspect for teeth damage. Proper brushing, cleaning, and flossing should lead to the reversal of this condition.

What if you have periodontitis?

Neglecting gingivitis can lead to periodontitis, a more serious condition. You may feel that your teeth are loose. There are inflammation and pain and also bad breath. There is no time to lose. Visit your holistic dental Donvale clinic for immediate treatment that starts with a deeper cleansing of plaque and tartar below the gum line. Surgery may be necessary to lift the gum flaps to clean the plaque. Root planing may be necessary to smooth the root surface and allow the gum tissue to heal and stick to the tooth. In more serious conditions it may be necessary to reshape bone and gums. Once this is done you need to be extra careful and take precautions to prevent further damage through regular visits to the dentist and with home care.

Gum disease can be prevented with proper care at home and regular visits to your dentist. Some things you can do at home are oil pulling, the use of eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil to kill bacteria, consume fibrous vegetables and fruits and maintain high standards of oral hygiene. Your holistic dental Donvale clinic is where you can receive the best guidance for better gum care.