If you have a business and wish to expand online, you need to choose a suitable web platform. Talking about BigCommerce, it is a SaaS platform that offers you cloud-based solutions.

Being a hosted eCommerce platform, it is secure and doesn’t require a high level of technical expertise as compared to self-hosting.

Compelling BigCommerce Features

– Industry-leading uptime of 99.99%,

– fast-loading & higher-conversions,

– multi-layered security,

– sitewide HTTPS boosts conversion,

– DDOS protection for Enterprise plan,

– and Level 1 PCI-compliant hosting is to consider while planning to set up online.

Although a web platform does the most of the job for you still, there remains a room to implement a well-planned strategy as well.

In this article, I shall be discussing some of the best tips to kick start BigCommerce powered eCommerce store that will bring assured conversions for sure. Let’s get started below:-

Enticing Homepage

A homepage of your website is the main webpage where every user lands to find further hyperlinks to other pages like Products, Services, About Us, etc.

In short, it is the gateway of your online business that needs to be tempting enough so that visitors wish to explore your website further. Make sure you are using a compelling theme or performing enough customization in BigCommerce themes to match your business value.

You can add an easy to find and powerful search box as well. It will make the purchase journey more convenient for your users.

Easy Navigation

It is a well-read topic for every individual who aspires to set up an online website. In layman terms, when you provide directions to someone in finding a specific destination, it is called a navigation.

In a website, you also display some menus, categories, tabs, CTAs, etc. to land on certain web pages. This is called ‘website navigation’. Here, you need to remain simple and clean so that users don’t stress their mind out for figuring out things.

Live Chat

‘Live Chat’ is the most common method used nowadays. Whenever a user lands on your website, offer them with a virtual assistant that is available 24X7 for customer services.

Many users wish to cut the gap and to ask you multiple questions before or after exploring your website. So, offering instant support is always of great use.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing is always a must, be it an offline business or online trade. There are multiple ways available like email marketing, etc.

However, social media accounts the highly preferred choices when it comes to promoting your products in today’s competitive world. Approximately 84% of digital buyers (USA alone) first review at social media accounts before completing a purchase from a specific brand.

Well-optimized Product Pages

A product page is an indispensable component of your BigCommerce store. Because the sole motive behind setting up online and promoting the same is to bring customers to look for your products. Therefore, it becomes important for you to handle them carefully.

Always try to choose a clear and well-defined layout for this page. Using quality images, contextual product videos, 360-degree view of your products, size chart, detailed and compelling product descriptions, etc. are amongst the best practices to follow.

Apart from these tips mentioned above, there are definitely many more aspects that you need to consider while practicing a successful eCommerce. A seamless checkout process, search engine optimization, working on cart abandonment, transactional emails, utilizing user-generated content, etc., to name a few of them.

In case you have any query or concern, you can contact me here. I will be happy to assist you.