The Birth certificate is an official document, which records a person’s the date of birth and is used to identify them by name, place, sex, date parentage. Birth certificate attestation is a type of attestation wherein an authorized validates the authentication of the document. This is crucial for many reasons such as applying for school admission of your child, etc.

People from various parts of the world, mainly from countries like India, Pakistan, etc, come in Dubai for study, jobs, permanent settlement, etc. the birth certificate attestation is required for a number of purposes. Some of these many include:

• For getting a family visa

• For school admission purposes of children in foreign countries

• For Employment purposes

• Higher study purposes

• Migration purposes, etc.

So if you are looking for any of these, you will have to get your birth certificate attested by the competent authority. For that, you will need some documents.

These are some documents you will have to provide:

• Original birth certificate

• Passport copy of child or father & mother

How to get birth certificated attested

Whatever the reason, it is crucial to get a birth certificated attested. Embassy attestation is the most common process of birth certificate attestation. These are steps to follow if you choose this process of attestation.

Notary Attestation – is the first step in this regard. And the attestation is done at the local level by the authorized government official.

Home Dept. Attestation/ SDM – Once the notary approved the verification, the document (birth certificate) is sent to the Home Dept. or the SDM for further approval.

MEA Attestation – The document is further verified by MEA department. When the papers are complete, the MEA stamped it, which it is verified.

Embassy Attestation – The document is sent to the embassy for re-check the MEA attestation. This ensures the reliability of the documents.

MOFA Attestation – This is the last stage of attestation process. Attaining Ministry of Foreign Affairs that handles the foreign affairs is crucial for it.

The process of attestation is lengthy, and besides, there are many other things to take care in order to make it easy for the document to get attested. Before you go ahead with the attestation process, it is important to consider all the possibilities of errors.

The precautions that need to be taken care of are as follows:

• Papers required are available and everything therein is explicit.

• Documents to be attested and the supporting ones are original.

• Documents are appropriately translated.

• Choose a trustworthy attestation agency to carry out the attestation.

• And make sure verified professionals have the right expertise in the procedure.

• Conducting thorough research on the place to go.

Now you well understand the importance of birth certificate attestation Dubai and what are the process and hassles associated with it. If you want to go on your own, make sure you are ready to handle all those aspects of the process and translating the documents explicitly. Or it is better to hire a birth certificate attestation agency that will take care of everything for a certain amount of money as their fees.