Here are some brew standards for adoption

Adopters will take into consideration at least 30 days modification period for the beagle to change in accordance with its new condition and family.

Beagles will be placed with adults to be kept as companion animals. They are accepted as family members, receiving proper nourishment, medical care, and attention. Continuous outdoor confinement is not acceptable. Beagle is never used for hunting.

All beagles, including puppies, will be neutered or spayed before adoption

We do not embrace little dogs to homes with kids younger than 6 due to the touching and biting propensities of puppies.

We will not place dogs in empty homes, because beagles need special attention and care. It is inhuman to leave a puppy at home for a long time.

It is important that everyone in the home has to agree to the selection of the beagle: including parents, roommates, etc.

All beagles must have collars with owner identification tags and license tags. If your beagle is lost, a tag may be the fastest way to have him/her returned to you.

Adopted beagle should not be given away or sold to any individual.

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