Bring the fireplace back to life

You don’t always have to buy an ethanol fireplace or an electric fire place to enjoy the cozy atmosphere of an open fire. In many old buildings there are still old chimneys that have not been used for a long time. Bring your fireplace back to life by using an electric fireplace insert.


You have a variety of techniques to choose from when buying electric fire places, different techniques are used to make electric fire place inserts.

Electric fireplace insert – the Opti-Virtual technology

The electric fire place insert with Opti-Virtual technology promises a fire experience whose illusion can hardly be surpassed. Thanks to the Opti Virtual technology, the electric fireplace insert impresses with its very realistic flame effects, which are so detailed that you don’t have to miss flying sparks and embers. The technique of electric fire place inserts was developed from the special effects that are normally used in cinema and TV. Magicians also use this technique to cast a spell over their audience with masterful illusions. The advantage of Opti Virtual is that this fireplace insert can be installed anywhere. Regardless of whether the electric fire place is to be built into the wall or simply pulled onto a shelf. The fireplace insert can be conveniently operated with a remote control.

Important: The electric fireplace insert with Opti-Virtual technology is only available without heating.

Opti-Myst technology / Mystic-Fire technology / 3D water vapor technology

The logs, artistically molded in detail from transparent synthetic resin, are for the most part equipped with the latest LED lamp technology. They impress the viewer with a “romantic flickering”, glow and glow. Ultrasonic nebulization (originally from medical technology) creates a very realistic, vapor-like flame effect with an impressive 3-D effect. The cold smoke is illuminated yellow by amber-colored 50 watt xenon bulbs. Thus the smoke appears like yellow, licking flames. The customer only has to occasionally fill a tank with distilled water that is hidden in a drawer. This technique is absolutely harmless because you cannot burn yourself on the cold water vapor. Air purification and low air humidification are worth mentioning as health side effects. Some electric fire inserts are equipped with switchable heating.