Costa Rica is a country in South America known for rain forests and national parks. Many people visit Costa Rica not only to capture its beauty but also to buy real estate properties which offer high returns. Now the main question is;

Can a foreigner buy real estate property in Costa Rica?

For buying a residential or commercial property in Costa Rica is it important to be a citizen of the country?

Are you able to purchase the property in Costa Rica from LLC or any other private firm?

Many foreigners don’t know how to buy real estate in Costa Rica that’s why they need the help of a good Costa property buying guide to make their decision easy.

1. Can a foreigner purchase Costa Rica real estate?

Any foreigner or non-resident in Costa Rica enjoys the same rights and privileges as offered to the citizens of Costa Rica except voting rights, therefore, purchasing a property in Costa Rica is easy and legitimate for a foreigner. The premier property zones like Quepos real estate offers good deals and packages for foreign buyers to attract them to invest in the city


There are only two exceptions

– A foreigner cannot buy any property residential or commercial in a Maritime Zone-like Quepos marina.

A foreigner cannot buy any property which is constructed on the special economic zones or property that is constructed for the welfare of underprivileged and poor people.

Property in the high tide zones

A foreigner can not buy a property in the high tide zones identified by the government. Costa Rica is a coastal country with a long shoreline. The high tides and storms are common in many shoreline towns; therefore these towns have many restrictions in buying and selling of the property residential and commercial.