Do you want to feed your dog as varied as possible and are wondering whether your companion can dogs eat grapes? The answer to that is no, because the fruits can cause serious harm or even kill your animal! You have to be careful that they are out of his reach.

Grapes for dogs in brief

Dogs are never allowed to eat grapes. This applies to all varieties and types, regardless of whether they are green, red, white, blue, dried or seedless.

Consumption leads to unpleasant symptoms and, in the worst case, even death.

Keep the fruit out of your favorite’s reach.

Why are dogs not allowed to eat grapes?

The fruits are poisonous for your four-legged friend and can lead to his death. The reason for the intolerance has not yet been clarified. But the fact is: just ten grams of the fruit per ten kilograms of body weight can be fatal. Usually death occurs from kidney failure.

Can dogs eat raisins?

No, never feed raisins! Raisins are even more poisonous for four-legged friends than the fresh fruits. With raisins, three grams per ten kilograms of body weight are enough to be fatal. Never give your darling raisins to eat!