In the world we live in that has become almost unaffordable for the common man; the need for financial aid has become inevitable.

Almost all of us have sought it at one point or another and benefitted from the concept immensely. Be it a million-dollar business or a lowly clerk at the court, the need for financial aid is evident amongst all.

Usually, loans are taken to combat a bad situation and overcome its repercussions. So, it comes as no surprise that people consider taking a loan a bad omen.

However, loans tend to bring good fortunes as well. Many people take loans, not for themselves, but to fulfil the needs of others and be proud of their help.

If you do not believe me, here are some instances that have been taken from the lives of people to make you think. These are people, who did not benefit much from the financial assistance, yet this fact did not let them pull back.

The Animal Shelter

You must have visited or heard about animal shelters and the work that they do. This is an organization, which has only one goal, and that is to make the lives of unwanted animals better. Speechless beings need an advocate, and these shelters become their voice.

So, this is a story of one such shelter that took asked for financial assistance to expand so that it can help provide a temporary home to animals, especially dogs until they find a forever home.

As of 2018, there are over 56,000 stray dogs in the UK, the number of cats and other animals is unknown.

As high as 100 pet animals are thrown on the streets every day by their owners, just because they do not want them anymore and find it unfeasible to look after them.

This is a genuinely tragic tale, yet it cannot be denied.

Inadequacy leading to Loans

The animal shelter could support and provide a haven and food for as many as a hundred animals. The owner felt that he wasn’t doing enough since the numbers were too high.

He took it upon himself and tried to raise an amount that could help him get the expansion.

• He organized fundraisers for awareness and donations.

• He made a gofundme account, wherein people could donate through social media.

• At last, he took out business startup loans to provide for the remaining amount.

Today the shelter is competent enough to cater for more than 250 animals at once. Up until now, this organisation has rehabilitated over 2700 animals and given them the life they deserve.

As a result, the shelter has become quite eminent for animal rights; the donations that come in every day have made it possible for the owner to return the loan prematurely.

The Startup Business (bonus)

The story also involves a business, but not a non-profit one. This is the story of a budding website developer.

For all startups, the first few years of the business are immensely troublesome and volatile. Being a newbie, the world of business is far too daunting.

The targets he set for his business were never completed in the initial year. He had expected as much, so he was prepared.

He had a staff of four in his quaint office in London. He considered these people to be his business’ backbone; the spine that kept his dreaming standing.

He valued each one of them and would do anything to keep them happy and satisfied in their position. This was something his father had taught him.

Elation Leading to Loans

In the second year of the operations, he had told his team to garner over 30 clients, and when his team accomplished the feat, he was astounded beyond belief.

His business had finally achieved a milestone. He knew he had to celebrate the same to keep the energy of the employees at a high.

So, he decided to plan a four-day-long all-expense-paid trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.

The trip was going to be slightly expensive, so he approached AOne Credit and got a loan that could help him finance the journey with ease.

So, he did just that, and all four of his employees loved every moment spent on the journey. He could visibly see that his employees were more pumped than ever to achieve more targets and take the business where he wanted to make.

Yes, the trip was more than he could afford, but the higher productivity of his staff made up for it.

Winding Up

In the end, all I want to say is that loans are the means to get to your financial goals sooner. People can take loans to improve their present circumstances and also to enhance that of others.

Every loan that is ever taken has a story behind it. Some stories will make your heart melt and thank god for the existence of financial aid like them.