Die Cut boxes are the most unique yet widely used packaging solutions. They are unique in a way that they provide an ample amount of display to the items packed in them. Whereas, they are widely used as they provide safety and protection to the products at the same time. This way, they are not only perfect for the protection of the products but also for their convincing display in the retail stores. These boxes are made with cardboard, corrugated, kraft, and paper stock. Since they are to be used for food and cosmetic items mostly, they are manufactured with the materials that are 100 percent organic, recyclable, reusable, and safe for the natural environment. The amazing thing about these boxes is that the die cut window on them is not limited to a specific shape or size, but you can customize it according to the requirements of your product as well as the demand of potential customers.


Die Cut boxes are usually a type of a packaging solution in which there are either tuck ends or auto-lock bottoms that can be squeezed along the creases which are provided to get them in a definite shape and have some distinctive die-cut design in any of their panels. Corrugated die cut packaging solutions are widely getting in used by multiple retailers who want to have such packages that can efficiently and beautifully pack their sales items at the same time. These boxes are currently available in the market in various shapes and sizes, but if you want to customize them at home, let us provide you a complete guideline to make them all by yourself.

Follow these step by step instructions to get an adorable and useful pack at your ease.

Gather the supplies

Either you are trying to make a few quantities of boxes or want to have a wholesale die cut boxes, you will at first have to gather all the required supplies that will be required to make them. You will need a marker, scale, card stock, scoring tool, paper blade, a pair of scissors, ribbon, any vintage shape, adhesive, a transparent film, and some decorative items.

Mark the outlines

To make one of the custom die cut packaging boxes, place the card stock on a flat surface of a desk or a table. Start marking the outline by using a marker of any color. From the top of a card stock that has a width of 2 cm and on the bottom of it, mark a 1 cm width of a line from one side towards the end. On the center of it mark two lines that have a gap of 2 cm in between them. On the long side of it, mark two lines on each end of both sides with a width of 2cm.

Cut the outlines

After you have outlined the marking for your custom designed die cut boxes, cut the outline in a certain way. To get it in shape, you have to cut the top of a card stock line from both of the sides that have a 2 cm gap with the perpendicular line. Do the same for the middle section that has 2 parallel lines with a gap of 2 cm in between. To make a top flip lid closure, cut the outline in an octagon shape but do not completely cut the shape. Keep it linked to the rest of the card stock from the center and cut out the rest of the extra material.

Make the die-cut design

To make a die-cut design, which will give a sneak peek view of the packed item, outline any vintage shape on the center of your die cut boxes with lid with the help of a marker. Once you have made a particular shape, cut it out by using a paper blade. After you have made and cut a die-cut design, place a transparent film on the inside and stick it with the help of adhesive. Let it dry before moving on to the next step.

Make a box

When the adhesive of a die-cut design is completely dried, fold all of the creases of a card stock that have a width of 1 and 2 cm towards its center to get the shape of die cut folding boxes. Once all of the creases of a box are made secure, the joining points of die cut packaging with the help of an adhesive to give it a complete look.

Decorate it!

Allow the adhesives of a box to dry for about an hour before decorating it. You can make printed die cut boxes by simply printing some graphics on card stock and then make a box, or you can paste any other decorative items such as stickers, tags beads, or ribbons to beautify their appearance.

This is the easiest way to make a few quantities of cardboard die cut boxes at home. However, if you want to have a bulk quantity of these packages at a low price, you can visit the websites of several online packaging vendor’s websites and select a trustworthy die cut boxes manufacturer by reading their online reviews. They are working in the relevant field for decades and offer multiple deals and shipping facilities for their bulk order. They also provide free customization facilities to their clients to fulfill their requirements of custom die cut boxes by changing their designing templates in any way they want.