After experiencing FUT or FUE hair transplant surgery, you might be willing to contact your daily life when you can, but you mustn’t rush into anything that might affect your recovery. Exercise is unquestionably essential to our general health, but in the short term, your post-surgical recovery should be your main priority. The two FUE operation (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT operation (Follicular Unit Transplantation) have hair follicles being obtained out of a donor area in the back of the scalp and transplanted to areas which were affected by baldness. Following the operation, the newly-transplanted hair grafts need to be appropriately cared to make sure that the scalp may cure — thus how long should you wait until exercising after a hair transplant?

What are the dangers of working out after a hair transplant?

The main reason you should avoid exercise shortly after operation is to guard your hair grafts also to decrease the possibility of ailments, to help encourage healthy hair growth. A number of the potential problems associated with working out following a transplant include:


Sweating is not likely to impact the outcomes of your hair transplant in Pune, but following the operation, the entire scalp can be quite sensitive, and sweat can lead to irritation. Additionally, it may lead to diseases around surgical sites.


Some kinds of exercise, like sit-ups, can stretch and strain the back of the throat. In case you’ve experienced FUT operation, then this is a specific risk since the scar over the donor site will still be curative. The stitches can tear, which may result in bleeding.

Blood pressure

Strenuous exercise increases your heart rate that, in turn, will increase your blood pressure. Increased blood circulation to the scalp may result in swelling and possibly bleeding.

Head harm

Contact sports, like boxing or softball, place patients at a greater chance of head trauma, which may damage the hair follicles and also have a negative influence on the result of your baldness.

So when can I start exercising after hair transplant surgery?

At the first 1-3 days after the operation, exercise ought to be kept to a minimum — when possible, you should also prevent walking everywhere. During that first couple of days post-transplant, you need to let yourself take things simple. Following the first week or so, you may begin to re-introduce gentle exercise, like walking. For now, avoid any activity which will increase your pulse or cause perspiration. If you’ve had the best hair transplant in Mumbai, you ought to be able to resume training as usual following two weeks. 

However, it is far better to err on the side of care and relieve yourself back to it lightly. For those patients who’ve experienced FUT operation, you must generally wait about a month before returning to a regular exercise routine. For contact sports and weight training, four weeks post-surgery will most likely be a decent time to begin participating again. You might even start swimming around this stage since the entire scalp will have cured enough to the danger of disease to be decreased. It is well worth noting that everyone heals at different prices, so even though there are general instructions when you’re able to begin exercising again following your hair fall treatment in Jaipur it is different for everybody, so be sure that you talk to your physician to talk about what’s ideal for you.