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Tech progress and potential future risks 

Developing high-tech, like an automated droid, computing, and device knowledge, is evolving fast. These evolutions will enhance the pace, standard, and value of products and assistance. However, they shift vast quantities of staff. This risk summons the standard edges model of fastening medical care and retiral to preserving jobs. In a financial system that hires meaningfully…


Use of IETMs for Navy Air Force Defence

Technical manuals (e.g. maintenance, user, training, operations, etc.) published in electronic format are becoming more and more popular than paper based manuals for their interactivity, convenience and ease of use. Today’s paper-based manual/technical documentation is no longer the optimal choice for delivering information about complex machinery. This type of electronic technical manual is termed as…


Personal Narrative Essay

Amidst a youth ball game, at some point most likely in the mid-year of the second grade at Grantham elementary school, I was overwhelmed with the inclination to pee. I think since I was excessively bashful, making it impossible to interfere with the diversion and ask some individual where the restroom, I endeavored to hold…