The world is already quite challenging for those who run their business. It becomes even more complicated for women who struggle in a constant fight on many fronts. They are the generators of a new life, but the same experience generates many obstacles for them. Yes, we have many inspiring names of the business world that changed history with their unprecedented progress from their initiatives.

From Karren Brady to J.K Rowling, the time has given many promising names to the planet. However, this is unfortunate that human civilisation has always been ignorant in accepting the fact that men and women are equal.

If fragility is the weakness of women, then what about the boy in the womb of his mother. Isn’t he equally, in fact, more prone to threats? After birth and growing up, he will carry the proud of being a man. Did this man own the calibre of surviving in this world without getting his first roof inside a woman? NO

Amongst the continuous struggle of proving her existence in society, women entrepreneurs face some severe conditions. They should come into notice to facilitate related solutions. Take a look –

No one takes them seriously

Oh, this one is the most painful and thus deserves to be mentioned in the first place. The prevalent practice of not taking women seriously always obstructs their growth. Lack of trust in their ability has always been there without any precise logics. Unfortunate is the fact that despite the progressive change in the role of ‘She’ in society and business world, the atmosphere is still suffocating.

Investors find it hard to believe in the ideas of women and deny to put their money. According to them, ‘Oh, the owner is a girl /lady’ is a sentence that is sufficient to underestimate someones. Shareholders, contractors, and even employees also share the same thoughts. They even make fun of their owner if it is a woman.

Isn’t it so funny that a person who is giving bread and butter to many men confronts complications because of her gender? Is this how the smartest creature of the universe treats its counterpart on the earth?

Absence of big and enriching networks

Despite many good friends, women usually do not have a vast circle or system that can be used in business. Most of the people in their peer groups talk majorly about only the traditional role of a female that is of a homemaker. It is not easy to find a person to whom an ambitious woman may even express her desire for attaining the tag of an entrepreneur. An extensive and enhancing network is necessary to run a business successfully.

Many constraints stop a woman from extending her connections in the industry.

• The conservative mentality of the businessmen of treating women vulnerable

• Making efforts to take undue benefit from her, which creates a feeling of insecurity

• Time constraints, which keep them from visiting counterparts after a specific time in the day

• Struggle with the conventional image of a homemaker, which makes others in the industry do not take the female entrepreneurs seriously.

Lack of financial liberty and sufficiency

It is not very common to see a female taking major financial decision with complete freedom. They have a less critical role in the money matters of family, and significant decisions are made by the men only. Women who do business always have to fight the financial crisis. They do not have a considerable saving to invest in their work.

In such situations, it is always difficult for a women entrepreneur to make ends meet for her entrepreneurial progress. The issues are more significant for those who leave or lose their jobs.

However, they may avail funds through any loan despite job loss, for instance – guaranteed loans for unemployed. But here another significant constraint appears. Many lending companies consider females less creditworthy, and they may ask for a men co-applicant. However, thanks to the direct lending that is breaking the stereotypes in this concern.

You know what,

Many more challenges can add in the above list; in fact, it is endless. The need is to start working on the solutions. Above all, change the mentality that is so stubborn that it does not want to leave the minds. The continuous efforts and change of attitude can make it happen. Whistleblowers are there in every era.

Women are growing and will keep growing despite all the vicissitudes to bring the change to the roots. Business is a powerful way for that, why not say cheers to the real inspirations. Open new chapters to welcome the new entrepreneurs with an open mind.