When chatbots for social networks appeared in 2015 , they seemed to be the definitive solution to the problems that customer service can bring through social networks, commonly caused by not being able to attend the large number of messages received per day. Chatbots are artificial intelligence tools that automate customer service in order to answer their questions and generate more sales. Facebook is one of the social networks that integrated this option through its Facebook Messenger application, since then thousands of companies use this benefit to answer questions or communicate personalized content to each of their clients.

However, at the beginning of 2017 Facebook statistics revealed that 70% of customers were not satisfied with the attention obtained through chatbots, since they were not able to correctly answer most of the requests or questions , making it clear that no matter how hard you’ve tried, the technology is still not sophisticated enough to resemble genuine conversation. This caused many companies to withdraw their investments for the development and programming of chatbots, preferring the traditional methods of customer service, with all the inconveniences that these bring with them.

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But there are companies that see a promising future in this type of technology and that decided not to back down, they simply changed certain aspects to make chatbots a useful tool. The first change was to limit the chatbot’s interaction to responses based on yes and no, with clear and user-friendly instructions.

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The other decision was that if the chatbots are not able to solve the problem correctly, they offer the option of contacting the customer in distress with a human being. With these measures, an increase in the success of chatbots has been achieved, so if your brand is found on Facebook, consider developing chatbots to improve customer service.