The modern chicken was originated thousands of years ago in North India. It was made by a cross between red Jungle fowl and the grey Jungle fowl hybrid.Chicken as meat was used since the ages.The chicken was even shown in Babylonian carvings. In United States it was only after World War 2 the chicken consumption amplified, earlier it was only used by rich people as it was very rarely raised there. Usually all the chicken breed we see todays are cross bred, exception is the white leghorn which is a pure breed.

Some chicken are bread for meat production and some for egg.Broilers are chicken which areraised only for the meat.They are sometimes cut at 8 weeks into their life and some are roasting Birds which are usually cut 12 weeks into their life.The castratedcocks (male chicken) are known as campons and produce a fatty and tasty meat.The chicken is usually divided into three main parts during the butchering-its breast and it is a white meat,the leg which is a dark meat and can be of two parts drumstick and thigh and its wing which is very common as Buffalo wings.Also the parts such as chicken feet,kidneys, neck, oysters, head and liver are consumed across the world.

The head of chicken is used in dishes which are common in China and is considered a delicacy. In many Asian countries chicken blood is also eaten after being preserved as cake or cubes.Usually in soap items chicken is popular as a food both exquisite questions and as Street foods because of its variety of styles by which it can be made. It is often suggested that the chicken we should be cold cooked add more than 74 degree Celsius so that any food borne bacteria and parasites present would be killed.But still in Japan there are dishes which use raw chicken.

Chicken can be made into different kinds of Shape like Salami or sausage and cooked by grilling,deep frying, steaming and baking.Chicken nuggets,Buffalo wings, chicken lollipop, chicken momos, fried chicken; chicken salad and chicken tacos are the common street foods which we can find in India.We must be very careful while eating bone with chicken as sometimes the bone can get stuck in our throat which can be very risky.Frozen chicken dishes are common variety which is available in supermarkets. It is the most common type of poultry and the whole world and when was one of the first animals to be domesticated.

Chicken is usually inculcated in heavy curries such as butter chicken curry and Punjabi curry. In India most of chicken items are spicy, oily as well as well as very tasty. Tandoor chicken is also very popular in India which consists of chicken cooked in Tandoor or oven.A tandoor oven has been through many modifications but it often refers to a metal or clay oven with coal inside it for creating heat, it adds a certain taste and flavour to the chicken.Chicken is also used as appetizer and side dishes it is a delicacy and oven people favourite. So get yourself some chicken recipes in Hindi or English and enjoy some home-cooked chicken delicacies.