People do have chicken on a regular basis. For meat lovers it has become a regular comfort food. One can cook a chicken dish anytime of the day and have it with a plate of rice or roti.

High Protein Content

Nothing can be better than the consumption of chicken when it comes to protein intake. This one has a lot of amino acids which are good in building the muscles in the human body. So chicken can provide the daily need of protein dose in a human body.

Important Source of Vitamins & Minerals

This is not only a good source of protein but at the same time it is enriched with a lot of minerals and vitamins. Vitamin B is present in it which is beneficial in preventing eye cataracts, irregular digestion, weakness and skin disorders. It also helps in boosting immunity. It stops one from suffering from migraine, gray hair, and diabetes and maintains the level of cholesterol in a human body. Vitamin D on the other hand helps in absorbing calcium making the teeth and the bones stronger, Vitamin A keeps the eyesight healthy and also help in haemoglobin formation. It also stops one from suffering from anaemia. On the other hand, there is sodium and potassium present in it which helps on preventing weakness and making the bone structure better.

Weight Loss

Many nutritionists and dieticians say that if one wants a very effective weight loss procedure the4n they should go for diets which include high level of protein. Chicken has that. It is very much good for those who want to lose their body weight. Studies have found that having boiled chicken on an everyday basis can really lead to impressive weight loss in an individual.

Control of Blood Pressure

This food item can also be great in controlling the blood pressure in a human body. People who suffer from hypertension can get benefits by having chicken on a regular basis,but only chicken will not help. One also needs to go for low fat dietary products, fruits and vegetables to get positive results in return.

Reduces Cancer Risk

If one is a meat consumer and they are inclined more on eating fish and chicken then they develop lesser risk of colorectal cancer.

Reduces Cholesterol

Chicken has a very less amount of cholesterol and saturated fat. That is why; it is able to keep the cholesterol level in a human body in intact and within limits. Also it lowers the risk of heart disease development in a human body.

Treatment of Common Cold

If you are suffering from cough and cold the best remedy for it is to have a warm bowl of chicken soup. It can give relief to sore throat and congested nose.

To get chicken recipes in Hindi, one can refer to any cook book or cooking sites. When it comes to Indian cooking, there are plenty of chicken dishes which one can try cooking at home. They can choose from the less oily dishes as well.