Many people have moved from rural areas to urban areas because they get more facilities like better education, job opportunities, local markets, etc. As a result, the cities are more populated, especially in metropolitan cities. They live in apartments where there is not much outdoor space. Nowadays, everyone wants to contribute to the environment’s welfare, but they do not have enough space to plant big trees. Hence, they can have this option of growing houseplants out of which some can even purify the air, and some are considered lucky. One can select the plants to have inside the home according to one’s needs. They can also order indoor plants online if they do not want to face the market’s chaos. People feel afraid to buy perishable goods online as they think these can be damaged while delivering, but some excellent companies provide them in proper conditions. Here are some indoor plants categorized according to different demands of different houses.

Flowering plants if you want to embellish your area

The plants with blooms can add charm to the place, and indoor flowering plants are best suited to those with no or less outdoor space. There are many varieties of these plants available in markets or online sites; thus, one can do online shopping of plants. Begonia is a plant with red, pink, and white-colored blossoms, and it can also be available in double petal blossoms. There is another plant known as Christmas cactus, which should be kept in shady areas; otherwise, it will be damaged. Kalanchoe is a houseplant that can have many flowers, and it can also be found in double petal blooms. The peace lily is a plant that usually has one blossom, and it helps to purify the air. The tail flower, which is also called Anthurium, looks quite attractive when grown inside, and its flowers can range in many colors. Gloxinia can have flowers of pink and purple color with white border on their petals, and these are extremely beautiful. The plant named crown of thorns is easy to grow, and it has many thorns in it, as the name suggests. Euphoria milii is another name of this plant. The color of florets can be selected according to the color of the walls or relevant area of the house where it is to be placed to enhance that area’s appearance.

Succulents if you have limited supply of water

Succulents are natives of those deserted areas with less water, so they adapted themselves according to the environment. They hold water in any part of their body to keep themselves hydrated; therefore, they do not require to be watered regularly. However, these should be placed in bright light. Succulents like Aloe, Agave, Gasteria, and Haworthia look somewhat similar. Haworthia has long and sharp-edged leaves. Its leaves have white-colored stripes on it. Gasteria sometimes looks like an open book. Cactus has leafless stems, and some of them have spines. It is green in color. Echeveria, Sempervivum, Aeonium are rosette-shaped plants that look like the shape of a rose. Echeveria has spoon-shaped leaves, and these leaves do not have sharp edges. The leaves of Sempervivum have sharp edges. The purple-colored plant called Aeonium has flat spooned shaped leaves. Other examples of succulents are Cotyledon, Kalanchoe, Senecio, Crassula, Sedum, etc.

Low light indoor plants if you have more dark space

If your house is located in a place where sunlight does not reach, you can buy plants that can grow in light to medium light. For example, in most areas like washrooms and kitchen, Boston fern can be kept as it needs dark and moist conditions. Money plant can also flourish in shady places, and it has different varieties. It should be watered only when the soil is dry and should not be saturated daily. The bamboo plant is of Chinese origin and is considered lucky by many. It is scientifically proven to purify the air by removing chemicals of burning petroleum. English Ivy is also the same as the money plant, and as in the case of a money plant, one should give water only when soil dry. It is of two types, and it has triangle-shaped leaves. Syngonium, also named as arrowhead plant, Chinese evergreen, Snake plant, Monstera plant, etc., are also placed in low to medium light areas.

Bright light indoor plants if your residence is full of natural light

Aloe Vera, Fiddly fig, Areca pam, Rubber plant, Jade plant, Aglaonema, etc. are some houseplants placed in sunlight; otherwise, their growth can be affected. Aloe Vera is a beneficial plant with multiple uses. One should buy jade plants online or from the market because jade is a lucky plant. Fiddly fig is a plant with broad leaves, and it can grow up to the size of a tree if taken care of properly.