Some parents want to decorate their baby’s nursery while some want to impress their toddlers. Reason can be anything but in the end, it is you and the happiness of your kids. Generally, the walls of a room determine what furniture you choose. If you have a hand-drawn beautiful wallpaper from Lily and the Wall, there’s nothing more special! 

Settle on color first and things will look a lot easier from there.

It can be confusing to choose a color for your kids’ bedroom. Mostly, the light and bright colors can be visually fun and stimulating. Light colors can be the best choice in smaller rooms since they can create the illusion of extra space.

We think that anything in the zone of the color blue can be an incredible choice. Lights blue is peaceful, calming and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Sometimes, you would prefer a versatile and timeless option. If so, you can select a colorful and imaginative option of a kids bedroom wallpaper from Lily and the Wall.