Clash raises $9.1M and enables creators to earn revenue with digital Drops

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Clash has raised $9.1 million in funding and today is launching Drops, which are in-app digital goods that fans get to give to their preferred creators.

Drops are akin to recommendations in the genuine world. When fans get them and share them with creators, it is like placing revenue in a tip jar laid out in front of your preferred neighborhood entertainer.

Creators can money the Drops out for U.S. dollars as soon as a month, as soon as their drops total 2500, which translates into $25. The creators get one hundred% of the proceeds. As of now, Clash is taking no proceeds.

This is the newest thought from Brendon McNerney, Clash’s co-founder. Back in the day, McNerney had more than 700,000 followers on Vine, the quick video-sharing network that blossomed on Twitter. But McNerney identified out though on an airplane that Twitter was shutting Vine in 2017.


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“[Getting popular on Vine] was a nice little happy accident in my early 20s,” McNerney stated. “I was shooting dark, self-deprecating Vine videos, and building up an audience. That feels like a lifetime ago. It was the glory days of Vine. When it had its unfortunate demise, it was crushing and heartbreaking in many ways. And after that, I shifted over the professional side of the creator business.”

Vine’s demise made him move on to anything new. He was nevertheless on social media, but he also delved into startups. Last year, he co-founded Clash with digital marketing and advertising professional and content strategist P.J. Leimgruber. They made it for die-tough fans to show their really like for creators, who will need all the aid they can get monetizing their tough work.

“I like thinking of Patreon, and if Patreon was built today, what would it look like?” McNerney stated. “The biggest thing that I can solve as a former creator is to enable creators to create full time. And so if they’re working in a coffee shop and making videos, that actually doesn’t help them do it full time. And so if we can start with the creator with 1,000 fans or even 100 fans, and enable them to make some bucks, they can start to see at the end of the month that the scales are tipping and they’re becoming creators.”

Making Drops

Image Credit: Clash

Drops have been in the creating for a though. Clash acquired Byte, the well-known video platform that is typically been referred to as “the sequel to Vine” (it was developed by Vine creator Dom Hoffman) earlier this year. And now it is employing the greatest of Byte’s features with its personal distinctive monetization and engagement tools to redesign the complete expertise of making, sharing, engaging with and having compensated for one’s content.

“I saw this massive void. For my creative that shoot videos on their phones, I thought I could make this easy and fun for them to shoot videos and receive support from their fans,” McNerney stated. “I started with that idea, and last summer we launched the video version of the platform. And we saw you could send a Drop with a fun little message of support, saying keep going.”

This reimagined quick-kind video platform disrupts the current social media paradigm that favors a higher follower count more than accurate connection and truthful interaction with one’s most loyal fans, McNerney stated.

Democratizing content

Image Credit: Clash

And, in contrast to other social platforms, Clash puts the creator ahead of brand-led algorithms and marketing models by incorporating established transaction models and no barriers to entry — thereby simplifying, streamlining, and democratizing the content creation and compensation ecosystems.

A follower count does not necessarily carry the similar weight on Clash, due to the fact it is a platform that recognizes the depth of a person’s following, rather than just the width of it, McNerney stated.

Drops empower the numerous various methods in which fans can engage with and show assistance for their preferred creators, he stated. These digital goods can be gifted endlessly to any/all creators inside the Clash economy and redeemed in complete each and every month.

On Clash, sending Drops to your preferred creator is as simple, ubiquitous and seamless as liking or commenting on a video — thereby fostering a culture of reciprocity not just rooted in conventional engagement metrics but in genuine-world recognition and monetary appreciation of one’s creativity.

Clash has also developed Fanmail, a direct connection amongst creators and their greatest fans. Fanmail enables fans to send custom Drops and unlock the capacity to send customized messages straight to their prime creators, who can then acknowledge and communicate straight with their prime supporters.

To spark this sustainable and shared assistance economy, Clash will present hundreds of complimentary Drops to new customers at launch free of charge of charge, successfully empowering all customers to commence paying it forward inside the Clash creator economy.

Clash has taken a “no barrier to entry” strategy, exactly where a user’s follower count, engagement statistics, verification status (and so forth.) have no influence on their capacity to earn, share and redeem inside the app.

Byte’s current 5 million customers will seamlessly transfer to the new Clash app ecosystem with today’s launch and see a surprise treat in their account upon 1st logging in: hundreds of complimentary Drops.

Funding round

Image Credit: Clash

In the previous year, Clash began raising revenue and it has now closed $9.1 million in a funding round led by Seven Seven Six, the investment fund launched by Alexis Ohanian (co-founder of Reddit), with more funding from M13 Ventures and Plug and Play.

“The future of the creator economy will be dictated by strength of connection to community,” stated Ohanian, in a statement. “Clash is pioneering a new model that doesn’t just create a new, healthier way to monetize than banner ads, but also fosters deeper connections between creators and their fans. This means better content and stronger communities.”

Users can download the Clash app today by means of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store or by going to Clash. The firm has 17 personnel.

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