Coorg calls for an amazing walk through the beauty-laid natural surroundings. If you haven’t seen the coffee plantations in Coorg, you haven’t seen anything!

Yes! The south Indian coffee you had always praised is the output of this classic place situated in Karnataka. Being famous for its lush greenery and valley terrain, one thing that distinguishes Coorg from rest of the tourist destination in Southern part of India is the scenic view of the lovely coffee plantations, situated here.

Taking a walk through these beautiful plantations, you can yourself experience a new world. It makes you aware of the insights of the process and plantation needs for growing and brewing coffee. This is an amazing opportunity to explore the process of growing coffee and its further processing such that it becomes ready to use for the users. Feel the aura of greenery and beauty laid coffee plantations all around with its aromatic flavours filling your sense, while you are on your tour through these amazing coffee plantations.

Coffee Plantations Walk- A Walk to Remember

  • Coorg sets the most wonderful platform for all those nature lovers. Coffee plantation is an indispensible part of its natural goodness, it has.
  • Whenever in Coorg, taking a walk through these wonderful coffee plantations is the most amazing experience feel the true sense of being at such an amazing natural destination.
  • One of the most remarkable things that attract the tourists visiting Coorg from all over the world is the number of coffee plantations located here.
  • While these awe-striking coffee plantations appear highly pleasing to the eyes of the visitor, taking a walk through the same is one of those amazing experiences every nature loving tourist has ever dreamt of.
  • This trial through the classic and unusual plantation is definitely a walk worth experiencing and is definitely going to add some of the most unforgettable memories to your life.
  • This is the prime reason behind coffee plantation walk becoming one of the most popular activities to be performed in Coorg. However, another one is a pleasant stay in any of the lovely homestay in Coorg. Offering the local goodness, Homestay in Coorg is also a worthwhile experience to checkout.
  • Many of the plantations are situated quite close to these coffee plantations making it an even pleasant way to explore Coorg.
  • Such plantation walks may usually cover a distance of total of six to eight kilometres and this may take not less than three to four hours to tour around these nature vows.
  • Here you will get the chance to witness the process of coffee plucking, separation and final coffee beans getting packed for processing. If you tend to be lucky enough, you can even get the chance to taste this amazing coffee, too.