• Keep Your Business Running 24/7 With Offshore Outsourcing – Telegenisys
    You’re busy. We get it. You don’t have time to waste on things you don’t know how to do, like IT support or customer service. Outsourcing your IT needs is one of the most thoughtful decisions you can make for your business.
    That’s where we come in – we’re experts at p…[Read more]

  • Are you looking for a way to improve your business efficiency?
    Telegenisys has the experience and expertise to help you assess your business processes and make them more modular. This will improve your business efficiency and allow you to operate more independently.
    With our help, you can get your business ready for any potential changes that may…[Read more]

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    Telegenisys Announces 2022 Video Analytics services brochure
    Businesses using trained AI-based video artifact detection often peak in accuracy. Sometimes this peak is significantly short of optimum results. Telegenisys teams of video analysts step in to ensure accuracy. Over the last decade, Telegenisys has worked on security, advertising, earned…[Read more]

  • Wondering if outsourcing is the right decision for your business?
    We understand that making the decision to outsource a process can be difficult. That’s why we’ve created a free whitepaper to help you make an informed decision. This whitepaper covers all the important aspects of business process outsourcing, from feasibility to execution. It als…[Read more]

  • Outsourcing with improved quality and efficiency in mind

    Businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency, but many don’t have the time or resources to do everything in-house. Outsourcing companies offer infrastructure and talent pools that offer rapid deployment and improved efficiencies through offshore…[Read more]

  • Before you outsource a business process…
    It can be difficult to know if business process outsourcing (BPO) is the right move for your company. Making the decision to outsource key business functions can be daunting because it impacts multiple areas of your company.
    Our BPO feasibility guide will help you understand what aspects of your business…[Read more]

  • Telegenisys releases guide for retrospective medical studies
    A retrospective study of a medical condition is an important tool in clinical research because it helps provide insight into different health problems that may not have been exposed during a prospective study. When conducting these types, Proper data collection and analysis are necessary…[Read more]

  • Tired of repeated follow-ups to custodians about the status of medical records?

    At Telegenisys, we have streamlined the medical record retrieval process so that law firms and insurance industry healthcare professionals don’t have to waste their time looking for medical records. We do all of this work for them by making it easy and fast to…[Read more]

  • Telegenisys launches Visualize Medical Records (VMR) Analytics Module

    Telegenisys has released a medical analytics module that offers a responsive approach to addressing the medical review needs of researchers, attorneys and underwriters. The analytic module converts free flow medical text into a database which can be questioned, analyzed, and…[Read more]

  • Medical record retrieval for law firms – Take the time and hassle out of retrieving medical records.

    Retrieving medical records is challenging, time-consuming and expensive process when done in-house.
    Outsourcing medical record retrieval to third-party specialist can free up law firm staff’s time, reduce cost, and give them the ability to focus o…[Read more]

  • At Telegenisys, we have streamlined the medical record retrieval process so that law firms and insurance industry healthcare professionals don’t have to waste their time looking for medical records. We do all of this work for them by making it easy and fast to retrieve any type of records they may need.
    Our service eliminates the need for making…[Read more]

  • A concise, well-organized medical chronology that will help you understand the key events that led to a diagnosis.
    Medical chronologies are extensively used by medical professionals to document and interpret events in their patients’ records. These documents can be hundreds of pages long, which makes them very time-consuming for researchers,…[Read more]

  • We know that having the right medical records can make a world of difference for you and your personal injury case.
    A failure to receive medical records in a timely manner can have devastating consequences, so we make sure that all necessary paperwork is delivered on time.
    Outsourcing your medical records retrieval process also significantly…[Read more]

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    Making sense of PDF medical records – A research report : Visualize your patient’s information in ways never before possible.
    Nearly 5 million medical records are reviewed every business day based on PDF files. At Telegenisys, we decided to convert these documents into something more meaningful within the context of a patient’s health history: d…[Read more]

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    Medical chronologies:

    A medical record can be hundreds of pages especially when there are a large number of medical issues being managed by a variety of healthcare providers. Medical chronologies ensure that medical events can be reviewed rapidly so that decisions can be made on legal, insurance, or healthcare actions to be taken. Our…[Read more]

  • sophia madison posted an update 1 year ago

    Medical records retrieval:

    Outsourcing your medical records retrieval process significantly reduces the time spent by your staff for this activity. Our medical records retrieval process is specially designed to support billing retrieval and our follow through chronology services ensure that you have all the information required to improve client…[Read more]

  • 10 Unique ways we make better medical summaries

    We make better medical summaries by uniquely presenting medical facts chronologically with particular attention to the specific use case. Our scientific approach to medical record data summarization, supports every assertion we include in our medical summaries with multiple levels of references.…[Read more]

  • Telegenisys automates the extraction of encounter notes into medical record annotations:

    Description: In the new VMR 2.0 release, we’ve added comment box referencing that helps you sort the organized data with little snippets of what occurred in a report

    Comment blocks make chronologies elementary to read. Key snippets of the medical event a…[Read more]

  • Telegenisys releases custom datasets for life underwriters

    Telegenisys uses customized reference datasets in summaries that aid life underwriters to improve the accuracy of their valuation. Telegenisys’ Visualize Medical Records (VMR) system includes customized life expectancy datasets that help to process more comprehensive and accurate…[Read more]

  • Telegenisys releases Nursing Home Reference Dataset for VMR 2.0 series

    Professionals often struggle with very large medical records specifically related to Nursing Homes because they create a large volume of pages due to the nature of care provided.
    The minimum data set for Nursing Home standard of care helps expose relevant information based on…[Read more]