Cusco is a beautiful city. From its Inca and 16th century colonial architecture, to its narrow, winding streets, the city has a romantic vibe with a distinct European feel. While there are many places to stay, Inkaterra La Casona is a standout. And if one goes all the way down the converse shoes rabbit hole of semiotics, Olivia’s red coat indeed her new, more richly colored wardrobe is bursting with all manner of possible meanings: Olivia is angry. Olivia has become reacquainted with her bold, dynamic self. Olivia is bloodthirsty.

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In my salon, I have a reputation for having some of the healthiest hair there. Standing next to me is a girl with admittedly fried hair. She didn’t even acknowledge her. The human legs carry a lot of weight for a lifetime. The fingers of the hand can catch hold of an object and manipulate it in a delicate fashion, and with these artists create immortal paintings and sculptures. The rib cage is a protective cushion for the heart, the lungs and major blood vessels of the body.