Technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a great role to play in preventing the coronavirus from the worldwide spread. Covid-19 is a pandemic, and technology is essential to combat it. A Canadian health company warned their customers early before the WHO found the presence of coronavirus in Wuhan on January 9. This company with the advantage of AI collecting pieces of information from foreign news reports, blogs and forums, statements from public health officials to give their customers early warning of available information of coronavirus. Today, there are thousands of public and private health applications to combat corona.

Researchers and epidemiologists are using a number of AI surveillance tools to track the spread of coronavirus and to deliver real-time updates on the covid-19.

Role of social media:

Machine learning can clearly identify the patterns in a particular data, which read thousands of data spread over the social media platforms about coronavirus that helps algorithms to generate a lot of precise data, then the officials can predict how fast and far virus will spread.

Widespread of corona related information:

Technology is never going to prevent the coronavirus or replace the role of an epidemiologist. But technology must be added to keep people informed of the spread of corona in real-time. Speed is the major advantage of technology. AI is crucial to spotting the rapidly spreading coronavirus and preventing it from spreading socially.

Telemedicine and medical applications:

Doctors and medical staff are busy on their duty to eliminate COVID-19. One way to prevent corona is to see a doctor only in emergencies. It is also an opportunity to make effective use of telemedicine and online consulting applications.

Remote working:

The biggest advantage of technology is that it works remotely. Companies are making great use of remote working to avoid social gatherings. Schools, colleges, and other institutions all operate by using the advantages of technology. There are many business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications. It is safe to say that the Corona pandemic world is a technology-driven world.

In short, thousands of new technologies are now being developed. Today, technology has established itself in all areas of education, healthcare, and business. Future World is definitely about technology. Make your business online no matter what it is. You still have to choose the application that gives you the best data security.