As the crisis due to COVID-19 is continuing, every employer out there is trying to do his or her best to respond to this time constructively. Needless to mention, technological advances have helped a number of organizations across the world. As a result, more and more employees are not just searching for “payroll management software India” but also purchasing HRIS software for their virtual workforce.

Amidst this unprecedented time, employers who have a perfect plan in place will only manage to recover and most importantly restore in the new normal. With that being, when the outbreak of coronavirus made headlines, one of the important steps that employers in India took was implementing the work from home policy. But due to a lack of efficient preparedness, most companies are now struggling to adapt to both technological and behavioral challenges.

Lately, employee anxiety and stress have also been reported from around the globe. In this case, it is the responsibility of employers and HR managers to protect their employees. Companies should primarily review their policies and implications on employee health and safety, productivity, performance management, and recognitions.

Take a look at the 4 main factors that will ensure employee health and wellbeing during and post COVID-19:

Personal Hygiene

Not just during WFH but even at the workplace, employers should provide their workforce with a functional ecosystem where they can practice the safety and personal hygiene measures suggested by health authorities.

After the lockdown, when firms start functioning as before, employers should constantly remind employees about personal hygiene etiquettes and ask them to maintain social distancing.

Switching to HRIS software is a great way to carry out functions with zero human interactions. In addition to this, companies should provide employees with alcohol-based hand rub and all the necessary support systems for their hygiene. During WFH, employers should continue communicating with every employee to maintain the same at his or her home.

Financial Wellbeing

Both employers and HR managers should understand that COVID-19 has already caused a detrimental impact on the global economy. In this case, India’s economy will also have to suffer at least in the short term.

The economic conditions can lead to employee anxiety, thus dropping down overall productivity. Hence, employers should plan in advance and provide employees with counseling by qualified financial planners. This will not just help them to manage their finances but also address their stress in the long run.

Social Responsibility

It is a highly communicable instance where the risk carriers themselves are humans. In this time, every individual should follow appropriate social etiquette such as social distancing. If employees have no idea about the same, then the employers should step forward and convey the set of measures published by the government of India and law enforcement authorities.

Either employer or HR manager should keep reminding employees about the following:

  1. Social distancing
  2. Government guidelines in case of symptoms
  3. Not hoarding essentials such as masks and sanitizers
  4. To stay home
  5. Mental Resilience

As mentioned earlier, COVID-19 and lockdown have taken a toll on employee’s mental health. Keeping that in mind, employers should support them in every possible way, and make them understand that it is alright to feel sad, anxious, frustrated during a crisis.

If employers/HR managers successfully build a sense of hope for every employee during this time, then it will directly increase the overall engagement and productivity. Help them to elevate their confidence, solve their current challenges, and keep reminding them about the brighter tomorrow which will be full of possibilities. This will help employees to build mental resilience as well as make them see the good side of every problem they are going through. Furthermore, they will eventually develop a belief in themselves, which will nurture their mental health, thus contributing to engagement and productivity,

Employees are the first and foremost asset of any company. Hence, consider the aforementioned points and help your people to maintain their health and wellbeing during and after COVID-19. Lastly, do not forget to search “payroll management software India” to make WFH more efficient and effective.