If you look at the benefits of using cardboard boxes, the number will floor you. Cardboard boxes have dominated the world of packaging for a very long time. All the major renowned companies have attested to the use of these sturdy boxes. They have not only increased their profits but bought the satisfaction of the customers.

Whether you want to use the box for advertisement, shipping or storage cardboard boxes are made to meet each demand head-on. Your employers will have something worth customizing. Your products will be safe in white cardboard boxes with lids that can overcome any turbulence. Add in plain white cardboard, and you have a perfect opportunity to make your mark in the competition.

From the price to the ease of printing, you have a variety of options to choose from. If you are worried that you might not be making the right move read the benefits below to make a decision. These points have bought comfort and fame to packaging companies for a long time.

1. Durability and sturdiness:

Will you choose a box that is soft and flexible or a rigid or hard one that will maintain the value of the inside goods? It is easier to decide because promotion is your priority. You have gone through the trouble of manufacturing a product, so you want it to be shipped safely. They have to make an immediate impression on the receiver.

2. Storage of small and large cardboard Boxes:

Cardboard boxes are the right choice because they will not bend and tear easily. It can withstand hours of transpiration without any damage to the packaging. Cardboard boxes envelop your things in a way that there is limited air exchange inside the box. This ensures that no moisture and bacteria reach inside. If there is even the slightest amount of water, it can produce adverse effects. It may not match the sealed product, but it can ruin the labels and printing.

There will be no worries if you end up storing the products for long. The shelf life of eatable products will not decrease. Cardboard boxes are flexible in the storage of any size. It is not limited to one size only.

3. Ease in wholesale printing:

White cardboard boxes are like a blank canvas. If you do not like the designs of the companies and want to print your pattern, then this is your chance. This step will set you apart from all your competitors. You can divert from regular designing with out of the world ideas.

Printing on a cardboard surface is easy, and with a white background that will enhance the color of each stroke. For further decoration, you can use add-ons to convert your boxes from simple to luxury or specialized packages. Ideas like gold and silver foiling, embossing, and debossing are modern and sophisticated.

4. Accessibility:

Decorative cardboard boxes with lids do not only provide easy access but carrying as well. Instead of wrestling through the fittings, this box is made with a clear-cut cover which makes it easier to lift. If you are going to make a successful launch, then you should have the needs of customers in mind. If they were looking for elaborate boxes, they would not be in the section of lid boxes, so to win them over you have to provide buttery and smooth lifting lids.

How to make a cardboard box with an attached lid?

Cardboard boxes are easier to make than you would have imagined. It is all about the right cuts and clean edges. Although high-end companies use special technology machines that make professional and polished boxes, you can build one at home. It does take a lot of time and concentration, but these boxes are worth it.

Start with plain cardboard with any thickness you prefer. Draw a cross-section of a plain hexagon or four-sided figure. You have to draw a center first and then the walls. At the end of a wall, draw a lid matching the dimensions of the box. However, you can also make a lid at another corner. The attached covers are built along with one of the walls. Cut the edges with precise concentration ad sharp scissors or cutters.

Glue together the walls. If you do not want to use any adhesive, then there are methods of building tuck-in edged boxes as well. Flip on the lid and viola you have a complete and beautiful cardboard box with top. You can paint or print on the box surface. If you have already chosen a black and white cardboard box, then only decoration is required! To make it all better, hire a better packaging company. RSF Packaging Company can be that company on which you can rely on.