Crucial Information on how to get a job in Canada from India

How to get a job in Canada from India

If you are thinking about how to get a job in Canada from India or looking for the best Canada Immigration Consultant in Pune, a Permanent residency is a perfect way to work in Canada. Under a PR, the applicant can travel to Canada and work without being exploited. Jobs in Canada will help to lead and contribute to higher incomes. There are vacancies for Indians in the IT and management field in Canada. These things often help in reducing the level of poverty.

Jobs are one of Canada’s most appealing aspects. Canada has been a central hub of job opportunities, especially for Indians for decades. Every year, thousands of Indians migrate to Canada mainly because Canada has the best-paid jobs globally.

How to get a job in Canada from India in 2021?

Canada provides a wide variety of employment prospects and career development to professional employees from overseas countries. An individual must be sufficiently competent and willing to come and settle in Canada. Canada has Work openings to follow Canada Occupation List 2021 Skill Type positions and profiles. Equally, the applicant must review the work openings before applying for Canadian immigration by some reputed and Best Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh for Canada.

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Why is Canada Immigration (Express Entry Program) right for Indian Employment in Canada?

You must go through the legitimate and genuine route of a permanent residency (PR) visa to work in Canada. Canada PR means that the applicant will work and reside in Canada with the same benefits as a Canadian resident. Holding Canada’s PR status is similar to having a green card in America.

There are few misconceptions in the Indians about a Canada PR visa or an Express Entry visa.

Myth Busting


A candidate still feels after getting the Canada PR, they’re not going to get a job in Canada, or they’re going to be unemployed. Because of these myths, they opt for a Canadian work permit that does not exist. Few consultants or recruiting companies mislead applicants. But this is the responsibility of the Candidate. Candidates should have full awareness of how they can get a decent chance of getting a job in Canada from India.


Canada PR Visa or Express Entry is the only way to get a good job in Canada. Under the Express Entry Visa, you can receive a PR status in Canada and apply for a career in Canada. Under the Canada PR visa, the PR holder does not have to stick to the same position and change the job at any time.

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People searching for overseas employment often think that a work interview should be the first stage of the Canada Process. But according to the CIC, Canada’s applicant must first go through the visa process and get a PR visa for Canada, and then only the employer can be interviewed.

To Sum-up:

No one from India can apply for Canadian jobs without a Canada PR visa. Any applicant searching for overseas employment and opportunities must first move through the Canada Immigrant Visa process. And then look for a job in Canada.

So if you are looking to get the visa, feel free to have Free Assessment and book for Dedicated One-hour consultation with TIC trusted Immigration Consultancy in Chandigarh.