Today, the adoption of cloud computing technology has grown tremendously by enterprises. Various leading cloud service providers such as ESDS have expanded their managed cloud services for protecting their existing cloud infrastructure. The customer, along with his cloud provider, is responsible for implementing the right cybersecurity service in the cloud for securing the data present on the cloud.

Cybersecurity in The Cloud

Despite several benefits, consumers often face certain psychological barriers when protecting their critical data against external vulnerabilities, with data is hosted in a public cloud setup. An online survey revealed that the primary concern of the businesses rests with the data loss and leakage followed by legal and exposure challenges to the data.

Consumer Apprehensions Towards Cloud Security

Loss/Theft of Intellectual Property:

Consumers often fear the loss or theft of intellectual property (IP) when moving to the cloud. Online data states that over 3.3 million patent applications were filed in the year 2018. The IPs depict the competitive advantages of the holding companies. Loss or theft of IP can create significant damage to the parent company as various other businesses in the same domain can imitate products as well as processes for much cheaper rates.

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