With $100 you can get various products that will give you temporary luxury. Dab rigs come in different types, including silicone rigs, mini rigs, honey straws, and recycler dab rigs. They are durable devices that will give you several hours of relaxation, enjoyment, and fun.

Below are some of the dab rigs you can get under $100.

1: Eyce Protek Glass Spark Dab Rig.

The Spark Dab Rig is part of Eyce Protek’s Glass series. The current market price for the dab is $80.

The dab rig is enclosed with a platinum-cured silicone, which enhances its strength and durability. It’s package also includes an LED light, dry herb bowl, concentrate bucket, tool holder, steel poker, and hidden storage for concentrates.

2: Bubblegum dab rig – 8IN.

Currently, the Bubblegum dab rig – 8IN goes for $74.20. It stands 8 inches tall and has a 14 mm joint (female). The dab rig also has an in-built honey-puck diffuser that contains a grid.

Bubblegum dab rig comes with a 10 marbles bag and a 14 mm banger nail (quartz) that ensures even vaporization. The removable marbles in the bag act as gumballs. 

3:Dolphin Recycler 8 inch dab rig.

You can obtain the Dolphin Recycler 8 inch dab rig for $72.99. It stands 8 inches tall and weighs 9.1 ounces. You also have different color options for this dab rig, including Green, Teal, Pink, and Blue.

The dab rig is made with thick high-quality borosilicate glass that can last for a long period. Its mini base is cone-shaped and can hold enough water to clean and filter the vapor before you can inhale.

4:Mini Cerc Perc 7’’ Rig.

Mini Cerc Perc 7” Rig goes for $97 in some online stores. It is highly ergonomic and fashionable. It stands 7 inches tall and weighs 7 ounces.

The dab rig is entirely made with 5 mm thick premium-grade borosilicate glass. It has a female joint that is 14 mm thick. The joint is accompanied by a banger nail that perfectly fits in it.

The dab rigs’ filtration system ensures you get smooth and satisfying hits.

5:LA Pipes Straight Barrel 8” Dab Rig.

LA Pipes’s Straight Barrel 8” Dab Rig can be purchased for $89 in online stores. The dab rig is made from American super rad glass. It weighs just over 14 ounces.

Also, the dab features a thick squared base. It is decorated with the LA palm trees. Its sand-colored mouthpiece gives it an aesthetic look.

How to find the best Dab rigs under $100.

While you can buy a dab rig for as low as $20, you should consider several factors. Otherwise, you will get a dab rig that will need you to replace its accessories regularly and end up being more costly than a $200 dab rig.

Below are some of the things you should consider before buying a dab rig under $100

  • Durability – a good dab rig should be built to last. It should also allow for a firm grip so as it doesn’t fall and break easily while holding and using it.
  • Dab rigs made of glass should be thick enough. Their nails should be positioned in a way that won’t make the glass fracture due to the heat.
  • Size and weight – if you like traveling a lot, you need a dab rig you can easily package. It should stand a few inches tall and weigh a few ounces. Some dab rigs can easily be disassembled for easy packaging.
  • Filtration – This is one of the most important aspects of a dab rig. Filtration systems ensure you get clean and cool vapor. A good dab rig should have a perfect filtration system. It should have the ability to clean the vapor while also maintaining the vapor’s potency.

Size of the mouthpiece – dab rigs with smaller mouthpieces tend to deliver better-flavored vapor. Nevertheless, if you are using your dab rig for vaping dry herb concentrates a wider mouthpiece is recommended as it will let you take a larger hit.

Key Takeaway.

You should not just look at the price of the dab rig (under $100) and buy it immediately. First of all, you need to analyze the qualities of the dab rig and note its build quality and performance. Read or watch the specific dab rig’s reviews in the online stores and on social media platforms.