In earlier times, when people used to shift to new places they usually opt for PGs and hostels as they were the only options. But with the evolution in living standards, people are now getting attracted to co-living spaces. This is a kind of modern living where people from different communities live together and share common amenities.

In the case of PGs you will have limited exposure to amenities and they are costly to live. On the other hand, hostels are the spaces where people have to share rooms and bathrooms with limited amenities. This makes co-living as the best alternative to hostels and PGs. However, choosing among these accommodations will become easy after knowing about the benefits and drawbacks of each accommodation. To know about the difference between these accommodations refer to the below-given information.

Pros and Cons of living as Paying Guests

Paying guest accommodation is living in a portion of a home given for rent by the owner.


• Best for the tenants who cannot pay rent for the entire home

• Surrounded by local people provide you with a home-like feel

• Secure living as you are living in an apartment-style space along with the owner


• Limited flexibility while using amenities

• High rent as compared to other kind of accommodations

• Have to live on the conditions set by the owner

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostels

Hostels provide shared rooms that comprise multiple beds in each room and you need to share bathrooms. dining area, cleaning services etc.


• It is the best option for the people who are looking for short term rent spaces

• Perfect choice for the ones who do not mind sharing accommodation with others

• Equipped with basic amenities like daily cleaning, lockers, and so on.


• Do not have e maid services, room service, spas, gyms, restaurants, or business centers.

• Do not have private bathrooms

• Limited security because you are sharing space with unvetted strangers.

How Co-living is the best alternative to Hostels and PG?

Co-living is the other kind of Home Stays in Toronto where people come from different communities and live together sharing common amenities like kitchens, parks, parking areas, gyms, and so on. This kind of accommodation is gaining popularity due to several benefits mentioned below:

• These are cost-effective as electricity bills and other maintenance costs are shared among all the tenants living there.

• These rental spaces are owner free which allows tenants to live without any stress

• It provides flexibility in the lease as you can leave and stay whenever you want.

• These spaces are the top pick as they often come with a coworking area inside the unit.

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