Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages around the world. Every morning, coffee is an essential drink for most people to start their day to day life. Many coffee companies are established and famous among the customers — one of the most demanding coffee brands is Lavazza and Nespresso. You can buy Lavazza capsules online or Nespresso capsules online as they are very much in demand and famous in many countries.

Many coffee-making machines are available in the market, helping you prepare the coffee in just a few minutes. These kinds of machines are very efficient for restaurants and coffee shops to prepare orders in less time. Lavazza and Nespresso are companies that make genuine and useful coffee making machines with advanced technology and easy functioning.

6 Difference between nespresso and lavazza a modo mio

Now, as we talk about Lavazza and Nespresso so much, let’s find out the difference between them and find out which is better.

1. Origin country

The Nespresso Company was started in 1976 in Switzerland whereas Lavazza a modo mio was originated in Italy in the year 2007 with the modern method and more advanced technologies.

2. Design of machine

The design of Nespresso makes the machine look like luxury as it is made up of stainless steel rather than plastic. On the other hand, the design of Lavazza is simple yet effective as it is built with modern technologies and has better functions.

3. Cost

The Nespresso coffee making machine is 60 pounds, whereas the Lavazza coffee making machine is only 40 pounds. Therefore, Lavazza is cheaper than Nespresso, with more features and functions.

4. Storage of capsules

A Modo Mio Lavazza capsule can contain 7.5gm of coffee grounds and is made up of plastic. The Nespresso capsule is made up of aluminum and can contain 5-6 grams of coffee grounds.

5. Milk froth

With Lavazza capsules, the milk forth method is done by a steam wand, which is operated manually. It is very easy to use and clean. In Nespresso, a frother warms up the milk and uses a spinning technique to create foam out of the milk. Also, it is difficult to clean this frother and too very time-consuming.

6. Taste of the coffee

As Lavazza uses advanced techniques and modern machines to make the coffee, the taste of the coffee is perfect and according to the consumer’s need as most of these things are done by machine and everything will be measured properly. On the other hand, in Nespresso, the taste of the coffee is good but with all the manual operations, it takes more time and the measurements of the coffee grounds are not accurate in every attempt.

With all the differences we have seen, we can say that both the companies are best in their way and both the machines are beneficial and useful and also efficient. But if we have to conclude then we can say that Lavazza is of great value with low cost and so many features. On the other hand, Nespresso is a bit more costly than Lavazza but it gives a fancy machine looks and is easy to operate.

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